If you are reading this complete namecheap hosting review in 2020, you might have landed here due to the bothering questions such as;

  1. Is Namecheap hosting any good?

  2. How much is Namecheap hosting?

  3. How much does namecheap cost?

  4. Which domain name registrar is the best?

  5. Where can I get the best Namecheap Hosting Review?

  6. And so on.

I know you are asking these questions above because you are thinking about either hosting a domain name, complete web hosting, SSL certificate or business emails etc. on Namecheap.

In this article, I will walk you through all the pros and cons of Namecheap Hosting which you must know before taking a leap.

After reading this Complete Namecheap Hosting Review, you will be more informed with some fact about the webhosting and domain registrar company which I’m going to share now.

But wait!

About Namecheap Hosting

Namecheap is a company, ICANN-accredited web hosting and domain name registrar which was founded back in year 2000.

They makes registration, hosting and management of domains much affordable for webmasters, bloggers or tech savvies.

They provides SSL certificates, website builder, domain name hosting, affiliate, 24/7 customer support (email and live chat) and also 30-day refunding policy.

This is my first time reviewing Namecheap as a hosting company and domain registrar despite the fact that I’m well acquainted to the company for years.

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Few months ago, I bought a ‘Stellar Business’ hosting package from Namecheap and ever since then, I’ve totally fell in love with them.

Apart from their cheap or affordable pricing, I personally love their live chat customer support backed by technical experts who are ready to help you out in any ugly situation you found yourself.

But hey,

I’m not just going to share my experience with them but will write an honest review about the domain registrar company which includes the pros and cons.

Below is my honest review about pros and cons of Namecheap:


Pros of Using Namecheap Hosting

Under this Pros of Namecheap Hosting, I’m going to tell the merits or advantages regarding this company.

Although, there are plenty of this type of Namecheap Hosting Review on search engines but, I try to make the best and honest one. But before going further, let me quickly tell you what shiverweb says, ‘There’s no ‘Best’ among these webhosting and domain registrar company’. They all have the good and bad sides.

So, bear with me if you feel disappointed after reading this review. So let take the Pros of Using Namecheap Hosting one before other:

  • Pricing:

According to the company’s name ‘Name + Cheap’, all prices on Namecheap services or products are all really cheap!

Although all web hosting companies sells the same thing but their pricing, renewal fees and featuring bonuses differs.

NOTE: Before you agreed that any pricing by a web hosting company is cheap, you much consider the following main features: CLICK HERE to check these features out.

Namecheap has pricing tiers ranging from $38.88/yr to $17.98/mo (Business Pro package). Click here to buy hosting Package from Namecheap.

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You can check the official Namecheap pricing page to check out all their plans and prices. But note that Namecheap always comes with very low intro price of $9.88/yr for a ‘Value’ plan (for the first year but increases to normal after that).

Before you decide maybe you will buy a hosting plan from Namecheap or not, please make you compare the basic features of web hosting as explained in this previous article with other hosting company. But, below is a table showing all Namecheap hosting plan and pricings.

Namecheap Hosting Plans & Pricing

Value 3 20GB 50 50
Professional 10 50GB 100 100
Ultimate 50
Business Pro 20GB 5000GB

Comparing Namecheap web hosting pricing to other web hosting companies, Namcheap has a better advantage over them.

But if you are not satisfied with either Namecheap features or priing, you can go for other web hosting service providers like Bluehost, Godaddy, Hostgator etc.

If you are just starting your business with few bucks with you and you really need a business website either on WordPress or other CMS platforms, I will strongly encourage you to choose Namecheap.

  • Branding, Transparency & Philanthropy

Another good thing about Namecheap is ‘Branding’ coupled with their honesty. I could remember that few days ago, a friend of mine who is also a blogger want to migrate his Google BlogSpot blog to WordPress platform and he went ahead to purchase a hosting package from a company (which is not Namcheap).

He saw an intro pricing of the web hosting company which is so cheap but with great features. He chose to buy a plan which he successfully did. After few minutes of buying, he was debited a huge sum which was not the price listed on the web hosting company’s website – that’s rogueness!

But, Namcheap won’t try such with you. They will tell you the exact pricing for their sharing hosting plan together with the renewal price.

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When it comes to branding, Namecheap operates independently unlike other web hosting service providers owned by large corporation.

With the high competition in the web hosting industry, Namecheap still stand firms and rank among the top web hosting service providers in the ‘world’.

Apart from that, despite the fact that they are independent, they still donate some money and what they can voluntarily offer to internet freedom and security. They partnered with the Electronic Frontier Foundation and FightForTheFuture.org to fight for internet’s infrastructure.

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With these, I will always choose Namcheap and also use it for my clients because, it’s so rare to see an independent company with this culture.

  • Backups

Backing up your file is one among the important tools you need on your cpanel or server. Backup is when you save all the files on your website or blog in a folder (most especially in ‘XML’ format) which can be downloaded to your computer and use again in case your website is mistakenly deleted or some codes is altered.

This backup will easily make you restore your website to normal.

But why did I include ‘Backup’ as one of the Pros of using Namecheap?

Although, other web hosting service provider also have this important tools but, you can’t enjoy using the tools with them.

You either pay for it or else, you access to it will be limited such as on web hosting service providers like HostGator, DreamHost etc.

On Namecheap, the ‘Backup’ features is totally free. I personally set up 2-weeks interval backup of my website for safety and future purpose as I have said earlier. But since the day namecheap has been backing up my website for me, they’d never ask for a fee!

  • Customer Support

Although many people may be complaining about customers’ support service on Namecheap but according to my experience with them, I can boldly tell you that they are the best I have ever seen.

Like I said in my intro text, Namecheap’s Live Chat feature is very interactive, fast and answers are professional and helpful. If you are facing any trouble with anything on your server or Cpanel, I will urge you to contact them through their live chat.

They will follow up your conversations immediately in case the live chat was aborted suddenly. Namecheap customer support feature is not 100% reliable but I will tell you it’s more than 90%.

Beware of any negative review about them. Their Live Chat and email support is very responsive.

  • Data Choice

Unlike other web hosting companies, Namecheap offers you freedom to choose your data choice. You can freely choose a choice between their United States or United Kingdom ‘data center’.

This is so important for customers that are not from United States and are getting web traffic from United Kingdom than the US.

  • Account Management & Onboarding

The term, ‘Onboarding’ is the process of retaining new customers in a critical part of removing the daunting part and adding to the excitement.

This is what namecheap does, after you sign up for their web hosting package, they will instantly signed you in with your details (you used to sign up) and send you a welcome email together with the tips on how you can get started with your new host.

Pertaining to ‘Account Management’, their backend is simple, crystal clean and beautiful. There is no arrant pop up or any disturbing advertisement.

At the account backend, they offers quick WordPress installation through a software known as ‘softacolous’ with no additional plugins or themes.

Some web host I have worked on does not have this quick wordpress installation until you download wordpress and upload to the server through FTP but, Namechaep ease that for us.

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Cons of Using Namecheap Hosting

Namecheap Hosting also has its disadvantages just like other web hosting companies. Here at this junction, let discuss some cons of using namecheap hosting:

  • Multi-tasking

Namecheap doesn’t focus only on hosting. They are also a domain registrar and they are good in term of running domain registering service, it very simple for you to buy domain name from them and map it to either their hosting or another web hosting.

Although this might sounds so cool and compatible (domain and hosting) but, it’s very rare to see a company operating handsomely well on both domains and hosting services.

According to shiverweb, ‘hosting companies that offer domain registration usually over-prize them and make domain management a pain’.

A good example I know is Namesilo. Namesilo specializes only on domain name and their prizes for Top Level Domains are cheap with easy domain management.

Some internet marketers, bloggers or webmasters prefers buying their domain and hosting plan from different companies.

Because they prefers putting their internet-presence components with more than one companies.

But to me personally, I use Namcheap for both my hosting and domain name. Since the day I bought domain and web hosting package from them, I have no bad issue with them.

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  • Plan Limitations

Although Namecheap pricing is pretty cool and affordable but you will there are some limitation which is a demerit to their hosting.

If you are running a website or blog with many files such as music, video, PDFs, images or any excess files, you may need to upgrade your plan or else, your site will run down. That means their plan is enticing but can’t be used in excess.

If you want to run an ecommerce website, you may need to choose Namecheap top’s plan but still, you can still get limited in the future by the amount of disk space.

If you are thinking of running more than one blog or website (either as subdomains or independent domains), you should be prepare to upgrade very soon.

  • Performance

Speed is very important for every websites or blog and a very important factor for SEO.

Namecheap server’s speed is confusing because sometimes it’s very fast, normal and sometimes slow. No matter how much you minify your website codes, cache your data or compresses your files, your website speed may still be slow.

Your website data should be access quickly but unfortunately Namecheap server is not reliable in terms of serving your website files quickly.

Although they promise that their shared hosting is 50% faster than other hosting companies. Well, I can’t say they are lying or not but all I know is that only their engineers can tell.

But so far, my website hosted on Namecheap is loading fast till now and I can boldly say their server’s hosting is good enough for a normal website or blog.

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  • Bonus Features

Their renewal price is higher than expectation for dedicated server. Although they are now offering free SSL installation but their SSL package is normally at $24/yr while other web hosting companies offers their SSL installation below $20/yr.

Also according to reviews from other users, their refund or money-back guarantee is shorter (they refunds in 2 weeks – 14 days) than other web hosting companies such as Dreamhost with 3-month refunding guarantee.


All these cons can still be coped with. If you read about other web hosting reviews, I’m sure you will have no choice than to choose Namecheap web hosting. The pros is what made their hosting very unique and highly recommendable for online marketer or entrepreneur like you.

Do you have any other stuff to share with us about Namecheap web hosting review pertaining to your experience either negative or Positive. We will like to update this article as soon as we got your own side of story with proof.

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