WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org – which one is better?

If you have been asking yourself different questions pertaining the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org or you are bothered about which one is the best or you have any other issues pertaining to WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org, I’m sure that this blog post will help you in your research.

In summary, there are two deep differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org which are:

  1. WordPress.com can’t be customized while WordPress.org can be highly customized to satisfy your taste and,
  2. WordPress.com can’t be totally control or taken over by you while WordPress.org can be controlled and taken over you because WordPress.org is otherwise known as ‘Self-hosted’ website.

In nutshell, WordPress.com is FREE while WordPress.org is Premium or PAID.

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But those are not just the only differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Let take a deeper look based on the two differences above.

What are the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

  • WordPress.com can’t be customized while WordPress.org can be customized.

1, Use of Plugins, Themes and Other Features: One reason while people especially bloggers choose WordPress.org over WordPress.com is that you can use different features and tools like Themes, Plugins, Upload any Files etc. But on WordPress.com, you can’t use premium tools like that.

And, both Themes and Plugins play important roles when it comes to designing or creating a beautiful website or blog on WordPress.

One of the major reason why you can’t do this on WordPress.com is that there is low and limited storage. Even, you may not be allowed to upload a big sized image.

  • WordPress.org is self-hosted while WordPress.com is not  

2, Full Control: You can also do and undo anything on your self-hosted website, WordPress.org while it’s impossible on WordPress.com.

This is what I mean, If you lost any file or you forget your admin login details (or changed by someone else) on either WordPress.com or WordPress.org, you can easily recover it back on WordPress.org by contacting your Web hosting company or restoring your website from your control panel (Cpanel) but WordPress.com doesn’t have such.

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Websites or blogs built on other premium or free CMS platforms like Google Blogger (Blogspot) can be easily migrated to self-hosted WordPress which is WordPress.org which unfortunately, WordPress.com is cheated here as well.

3. Free or Paid: Although you can start a free blog on blogspot, tumblr etc. But WordPress.org is totally free as claimed by many bloggers outside there.

You will need to buy Hosting, Domain name, SSL, Privacy guide including premium themes and plugins, these things you will buy with you money make it possible for you to own and control your Website but since WordPress.com is free, you are highly limited.

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So when you sign-up on WordPress.com official website, you will be a sub-domain like www.YourBlog.WordPress.com while you will have an independent domain name like www.YourBlog.com.

4, File Uploading: Another differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is that on WordPress.org, you can upload any files irrespective of their sizes as long as your server storage is not yet full.

If you are thinking of starting a video streaming website like YouTube, you want to start blogging about music or you are hoping to start a website about a business, then WordPress.org is the best option over WordPress.com

5, Traffic & SEO: When it comes to traffic or amount of visitors that visits a website, WordPress.com can’t hold a lot of traffic and if it’s possible you gets high visitors, then all the glory such as SEO ranking will be for the parent domain (www.wordpress.com) instead of your own.

But a website built on WordPress.org can hold as many traffic as the server permits and all the glory such as SEO ranking will be for your own person domain name instead of websites built on WordPress.com that gives its glory to the parent domain.

The reason why this is so is that, anything sub-domain not only on wordPress.com but also on free publishing platforms like Free Blogs on Blogspot, tumblr etc… won’t be easily ranked by search engines.

Some Sub-domain blogs or websites can rank on search engines but not as quick and effective as blogs or websites on independent domain names.

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6, Security: When it comes to anything on the internet, security is very important. Majorly when a website want to be secured, SSL Certificate (or HTTPS) need to be installed on such website or blog.

HTTPS means ‘Hypher Text Transfer Protocol Secured’ – Any website that started with ‘HTTPs’ is secured while those websites or blogs with simple ‘HTTP’ is not secured.

Although you will/may see ‘https’ before any websites on (sub-domain) WordPress.com but it’s just a demo. It’s not as strong as the one you bought from a webhosting company. When buying your Hosting for a blog or website on WordPress.org, some webhosting companies like Namecheap may offer you 1 year free SSL which will help securing your website. Click here for deep reviews about Namecheap.

Do you want to know everything about HTTPS? Read this!

So, Self-hosted WordPress (WordPress.org) is more secured than free WordPress (WordPress.com).

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7. Professionalism: This is another big point to consider whenever we want to discuss about the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org and know you will surely agree with me right?

The motive of about 90 percent of all the websites or blogs in the world is to look stunning, beautiful and attractive but if you are thinking of achieving this on WordPress.com then, forget such dream now!


Considering all the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org above, WordPress.org is more professional and reliable. Not just that, it’s also presentable.

Just decide:

If you want to hire a freelancer for your job, between something like ‘https://www.Freelancer.HireJob.com’ and ‘Https://www.Fiverr.com’, which one will you choose? Definitely, you will go for the Fiverr.com.

You will also need to decide on both the users’ experience and interphase. This is why people including me, choose WordPress.org over WordPress.com.

Differences Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org – Which one is better?

I’m going to tell you the gospel truth about my experience with WordPress. I started my career with free publishing platforms ranging from Wapka >> Mywapblog >> Blogger >> WordPress.com >> WordPress.org

With my years of experience using these platforms, I can boldly say Self-hosted WordPress (WordPress.org) is the best. Why is WordPress.org really the best? Just because of those differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org!

I don’t know the type of website you are thinking of setting up but I want to tell you that anything FREE on the internet including websites are risky bad.

This is what I mean: WordPress.com is FREE and it’s like when a woman rented a room. Do you think the woman will have full control on the room or the entire house? NO! Only the house owner can do anything he/she wants to do in the house.

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The house owner can decide to impose strict rules on the woman and if the landlord like, the woman can be chased out of the house anytime.

But, WordPress.org is Premium and it’s also as if a woman bought a full plot of land, she built a beautiful house on it and definitely became the owner. Do you think anybody else can impose rules on her or chase her out of the house? NO! It’s not possible because she owns everything.

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Let go back to the question:

Differences Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, which one is better? The answer is simply your determination maybe you want to become a house owner or somebody that rents a roomThe choice is yours to make.

WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org – which one do you think is better or what is your take on these differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org listed above?

Kindly talk to me through the comment box below and I’ll revert as soon as possible. Don’t forget to subscribe to this website’s newsletter in order to receive recent and helpful tips and tutorial from Olgade Tech Solution.


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