Are you looking for best wordPress themes to use for your website or blog this year?

Have you ever heard about Genesis Framework and StudioPress themes?

If “NO” or “Not Sure” is the answer to any or both of the two questions above, don’t worry. I’m going to tell you;

  • What is Genesis Framework
  • 10 Best Themes Built on Genesis Framework By StudioPress
  • And why you need to choose any of these themes.

But do StudioPress really have the best WordPress themes in 2020?

YES! StudioPress has more than 35+ different WordPress themes built on Genesis framework for different structure of WordPress design. As you know that the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world is WordPress – powering about 35% of websites on the internet today. With this in mind, many web designer prefer to use WordPress for their site creation needs, even though there are other CMS platforms available in the market.

But there seems to be a prevailing challenge among webmasters as to which theme is best suited for their site, because when put into proper consideration your chosen theme will invariably affect the performance of your website.

There are tons of theme providers on WordPress, but one of the best which I’ll be taking a look at today is StudioPress.

Why WordPress Themes by StudioPress and Genesis Framework Stands Out

With its framework – Genesis Framework, StudioPress makes creating websites fun with lots of premium and free WordPress supported themes. StudioPress themes comes with all the goodies required for a good website; top-notch SEO performance, security, faster load times and many more. All these comes at a price, but you could get all for free if you sign up for a WP Engine plan.

WP Engine is one of the strongest and most reliable WordPress hosting in the world.

Best DEAL: Sign up for a WP Engine plan and receive the Genesis Framework and 35+ StudioPress Themes free!

If you find this interesting which I think you should, you could get started by visiting StudioPress website at StudioPress Homepage here

Note that WP Engine is a web hosting company. Getting your website hosted with them will give you access to $2,000+ premium wordPress themes on StudioPress built with Genesis.

But if you’ve been using other Web hosting platform such as Namecheap, Bluehost etc, you can pick and pay for your preferred theme available in StudioPress.

….. and once you buy the Genesis Framework, you’ll continue to enjoy free and unlimited updates whenever there is!

Benefits of StudioPress, the Themes and Genesis Framework

  • SEO Friendly
  • Beautiful & Modern Design
  • Very Fast
  • Easy Customizable
  • If you’re developer, you can build a new theme from scratch on Genesis
  • If you have an agency, you can partner with WPEngine and receive all themes for free (with other benefits)
  • WordPress themes by StudioPress are Guterberg ready
  • More than 500K websites are built with Genesis Framework
  • More than 200K customers on StudioPress
  • Top Blogger like Darren Rowse of ProBlogger are talking about StudioPress and Genesis Framework
  • And lots of benefis!

Now lets see the best wordPress themes in 2020 offered by StudioPress below:

10 Best WordPress Themes by StudioPress and Genesis Framework

1. Authority Pro Theme

Theme seeks to expose your expertise in whatever field your site is built upon. As the name goes, this theme engraves your legacy in the heart of your audience which’ll keep them coming back.

Authority Pro by StudioPress comes with lots of functionalities, it’s highly responsive on mobile devices, it uses the latest HTML markup – HTML5, a landing page, pricing page, optimized WordPress forms, e-commerce support and many more. It also comes with an automatic set up option which makes it easier to set up your site with less hassles.

You can get Authority Pro at $129.95 or appproximately $130 and believe me, this theme really worth it!

 Check DEMO & Buy THEME  

2. Genesis Framework Package

Yea, you’re seeing the great Genesis Framework listed as well.

This is an open source theme provided by Genesis with lots of nifty features you’d surely love. At $59.95 you could get a site with SEO friendly themes which offers top security and quick loading. This theme comes with one-click setup option, mobile friendly support, a customizable header, custom menu, background and also a wide template.

At the price you’d be paying, you’d be given unlimited updates, access to carefully crafted tips to help you navigate through, unlimited sites etc. if you’re not a fan of bloatware, I think this is your best option!

 Check DEMO & Buy THEME  

3. Revolution Pro Theme

Another top theme build by Genesis Framework on StudioPress is the Revolution Pro. This theme might interest you with its revolutionary style which gives your site a unique look. The theme seeks to cater for sites belonging to agencies, a personal branding site, photography, business and lifestyle websites. At a price of $125,95, you’ll get a theme customizer which enables you to change certain things on the default theme, a customizable logo, Gutenberg block editor, translation option, e-commerce support and many more.

The one-time payment gives you unlimited updates, unlimited site support, lots of guide and also, the Genesis framework package itself.

 Check DEMO & Buy THEME  

4. Infinity Pro Theme

The Infinity Pro theme by StudioPress is designed specifically for online business owners, especially those who are into e-commerce. The theme is packed with lots of cool features your customers will surely like.

It’s highly responsive on mobile devices, equipped with HTML5 markup, a theme customizer, landing page, and many more all at $129.95.

It’s also Gutenberg ready, which gives you freedom to customize available modules provided by StudioPress and Genesis Framework, this makes it one of the most flexible and best wordPress theme on the market.

 Check DEMO & Buy THEME  

5. Niche Pro Theme

If you intend building a brand for yourself, this theme will surely make it possible. As a blogger looking to gain more followers in a particular niche, this theme will come in handy as it offers lots of functionalities and features to help you grow your customer base.

It comes equipped with a customizable header; when you get to use any logo of your choice – whether text or picture. There are also custom widget areas that you could use to spice up your site, a theme customizer, custom page templates, and yes, it’s responsive on mobile devices.

 Check DEMO & Buy THEME  

6. Academy Pro Theme

As the name depicts, the Academy Pro theme is crafted for educational content creators, site with tutorials on various topics, or any form of learning material. This theme builds your brand toward creating more eye-catching content that’ll attract visitors to your site.

If you sell course or books online, this theme is the most recommended for you.

For a fee of $129.95, you get the best in terms of the latest HTML markup, translational functionalities, theme customizer, a landing page, and even a pricing page.

 Check DEMO & Buy THEME  

7. Breakthrough Pro Theme

With a lot going on in the digital world, a nice theme to compliment your marketing needs digitally isn’t far from reach as StudioPress brings to you the Breakthrough pro theme.

Your brand, works and are all highlighted to give you that awesome breakthrough required in digital marketing.

Whether you’re an agency with focus in the digital world, or a digital marketer, this theme build on Genesis Framework available on Geneis Framework is primely suited for you.

 Check DEMO & Buy THEME  

8. Monochrome Pro Theme

Throwback to the good old days of black and white, if you crave for that nostalgic feeling on your website, or you’re just a fan of both colors, Monochrome pro has got you covered.

According to StudioPress, this theme is open source, as such requires less time in setting things up. It come with additional plugins, the Atomic Blocks plugin and the WordPress form plugin to make things much fun.

Check DEMO & Buy THEME  

9. Essence Pro Theme

Getting straight to the point is a priority for some and yes, the Essence pro lets you do that in little to no time. It’s sleek, fast and bloat-free, it’s simple to set up and use and it utilizes the Genesis framework to give you theme best theme offering.

The Essence pro theme has advanced Gutenberg support, it properly optimized for WP forms, a theme customizer and other layout options.

  Check DEMO & Buy THEME  

10. Magazine Pro Theme

At a price of $99.95 you get the best out your publishing online. This theme gives your site this magazine feel, which to some look absolutely stunning and pleasant to the eyes.

It comes with one of the best default designs you could ever ask for, very simple and lack any unnecessary clutter. You’ve also got three widget areas to let you customize your brand to suit your taste, threaded comments, footer widgets, featured images and many more on offer when you pay the price.

 Check DEMO & Buy THEME

Conclusion on Best WordPress Themes on Genesis Framework by StudioPress

So, these are some of the best WordPress themes by StudioPress with its Genesis framework to make things seamless. Looking for a great theme for your WordPress powered site, you’ve lots of options available for you to choose from.

Note that we can help you customize any of these WordPress themes on StudioPress to your perfect taste, either with or without the Guterberg Editor.

We have use some of the themes listed here for our clients from different industries such as Real Estate, Entertainment, E-commerce and personal blogs.

Check (and BUY) Themes Here

What do you think about these WordPress Themes on StudioPress?

Kindly tell us one or two things if you’ve used this theme or tell us the reason why you are going to start using any of these themes built on Genesis Framework.

Note that we’ve used some of these themes for our clients (e.g we arrived to the fact that StudioPress are among the themebuilder that has the best WordPress themes in 2020, thanks to Genesis Framework.

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