Do you really want to Get Google AdSense Approval Easily?

If that’s your main reason here, worry no more! As you may have known that one of the quickest and easiest way to make money online is with Google Advertising networks?

A lot of bloggers, affiliate marketer and mobile apps developers are making huge and impressive income with Google AdSense live on their blog or website.

And, with Google AdMob integrated in their mobile apps as App developers; you also can join the league of these people who are making legit and cool money online with what they have passion for.

But you may be asking…. What’s the difference between Adsense and Admob?

As a newbie, I know for sure that the question trolling your mind right now is; ‘What is the meaning and differences between AdSense & AdMob’?

If that’s what is confusing you, worry no more as I will explain everything for you here in this post from ‘Nooks’ to ‘Crannies’. But at this junction, I need your FOCUS on each and every words to sentences here in this article.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is owned by the largest search engine company in the world, ‘Google’ for ‘Advertisers’ to place their Ads through them and for ‘Publishers’ to make money online by displaying those Ads by ‘Advertisers’ on their websites, blogs, YouTube channels or mobile apps (through AdMob).

Although, there are many products owned by Google but those one that you can integrate easily with your websites, blogs or apps is AdSense and AdMob. They are even the best Ads Network in the world with millions of happy Advertisers and Publishers.

  • Who are the Advertisers & Publishers?

Advertisers: These are the people who want to promote or market their products, businesses or brand through popular Ads Networks like AdSense. They signed up and pay some certain amount of money affordable to them on a platform known as Google AdWords and, after their payment has been confirmed, their Ads will start to display live on Publishers websites, Youtube channels or Apps.

Publishers: These are the people who are websites, apps or youtube channels’ owners. They signed up as ‘Publishers’ directly through Google AdSense or AdMob platforms. Publishers make money by placing the Ads code given to them by their respective Ads networks or Manager on few vacant spaces on their websites.

The 7 Untold Ways to Get Google AdSense approval Easily

Since you have now know the meaning of AdSense, the next point is how you can get its approval easily. I could remember when I started blogging, getting Google AdSense approval was not easy to me and, to a lot people outside there (even up till now). But when I got approved, I learnt some lessons which I will teach you right here.

Before thinking of applying for AdSense, here are what is required by you:

  • A website or blog (custom domain blogs are pretty good)
  • A google mail or gmail account
  • Your PC or smartphone with data connection.

Let start;

  1. Have or Create a website or blog:

This is the first thing you must have before even dreaming of Google Adsense. You can choose to create your blog on Blogspot which is owned by Google or on WordPress owned by Automattic.

To create a blog on Blogspot, have your gmail account ready and click here to start customizing your new blog. Blopspot is FREE to use, all you need is to buy a custom domain and you are ready to go.

But, we highly recommend Paid WordPress to all our clients because it’s very professional, beautiful, Easy-to-manage and most used & recognized CMS platform in the world. Please refer to this guide on how to create your business website or blog using WordPress.

NOTE: It’s advisable but not really compulsory to have blogs with custom domain e.g

At Olgade Digitals, we have a lot of people built & designed their website and blogs on the Content Management Systems (CMS) mentioned above. We can also help you to build one.

      2. Make Your Website Neat and Responsive:

AdSense team are very picky when it comes to approving a blog for their Ads Network. After creating your blog by using Blogspot, WordPress or any other platforms like Wix, Joomla, Drupal etc., the next thing is to make sure it is:

    1. Mobile & Desktop responsive.
    2. Easily Navigable (i.e must have Navigation menu) to make your blog easy to navigate to visitors
    3. Avoid Popups banners or Javascript
    4. Have important pages like: ‘About Us’, ‘Contact Us’, ‘Privacy Policy’ etc.

3. Write Unique & Engaging Contents:

You would have heard that ‘Content is King’ right? The same thing applied to getting approval with google adsense. Let split this into three as follows:

(A) UNIQUE CONTENTS: If you are really serious about getting Adsense approved, you must have at least 15 unique contents which can’t be found on any other blogs except yours.

A lot of self-acclaimed bloggers do plagiarized seriously and they keep but applying for Adsense but they got frustrated at the end of the day when they are disapproved.

  • To write unique contents: Avoid ‘Copy-Paste’, grammatical errors and USE your original images. Avoid copied images from google or other websites.

(B) SEO FRIENDLY CONTENTS: Your contents must be able to be indexed by search engines like google which they (search engines will give you what is called ‘Organic Traffic’ in returns). Google love SEO friendly contents because it tells their bots how important your contents are to the readers.

(C) ENGAGING CONTENTS: Your contents must be very engaging to readers.

That is, they must be lengthy enough (800 words above) and should solve readers’ problems. To know how engaging your contents are, check your ‘BOUNCE RATE’ and the amount of ‘SOCIAL MEDIA SHARING’.

  • To write engaging contents: Do research on what is trending on social media or do research on tools like Buzzsumo and write lengthy content on it.

4. Your Blog Must Be Old Enough:

If you are from USA, UK or Canada, you don’t necessary have to wait for months before you can get your own AdSense approved.

According to my friends who are using AdSense from these countries, you can easily get approved with just 5 unique articles within 1 months or less.

But for countries like Nigeria, India or Pakistan, you will have to wait for at least 6 months before getting google AdSense Approval (As at the time I got my own approved).

  5. Get Traffic From Reliable Sources:

As mentioned earlier, the most reliable source of traffic is ORGANIC TRAFFIC. That’s the traffic gotten through search engines.

The more the organic traffic, the more google Ads bots will stratified your blog as an important one. Mind you, before you can get this traffic, you must have Unique, SEO-friendly & Engaging contents.

Another source of traffic is through social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Google plus etc.

But, don’t rely too much on this traffic especially from Facebook because most of them are spammy!

But notwithstanding, you can run Ads on these social media platforms to gain massive traffic.

We also have direct traffic.

This means getting traffic without Search engines or social media platforms but by directly entering your website URL in the browsers by visitors. This is not common because as a new blog, people won’t be much familiar with your blog for now.

But if you continue to share interesting & engaging contents with your reader, you will gain popularity soon and gain this type of traffic soon.

   6. Check on Google AdSense Policy:

To round this point up, check the AdSense policy and try everything possible to comply with it. Among their main and compulsory policy has already been discussed. But below are also some of them:

  1. Avoid Adult contents like pornography (informs of video or pictures)
  2. Don’t put or write what may harm your readers on your blog such as Hard Drugs, Anything pertaining to War, Racism etc.
  3. Avoid abusive or stop words like S*e*x, Va*gin*al, P*e*n*i*s etc
  4. Avoid Duplicate contents
  5. Etc.

7. Apply for Google AdSense:

If you have gone through the 6 steps mentioned above, the next step is apply for Google AdSense as ‘Publisher’.

To start applying for AdSense, make sure the gmail account you will be using hasn’t be used before. If your gmail account has been used before, create new one and re-apply again.

But if you are Google Blogspot and your gmail account has been used for AdSense before, you will need to create new one and change your blog Admin E-mail to the new gmail.

  • To apply for google adsense, Click here and sign up with your website URL and gmail account.
  • Select your country. Mind you, if you select UK or country, you must be able to provide a valid home or office address and Zip code. That’s where your AdSense PIN will be sent to. So, be wise.
  • Again, make sure you have access to the gmail and Website because you will sent a direct message to your email if you are approved or not. And if you are approved, you will be given Ad codes to paste on your website (from backend) before the Ads start displaying.
  • Be patient until you receive a response from Google AdSense team. If you are approved, you are good to go. But if you are not, they will tell you your mistakes (the reasons they didn’t approve you), rectify those reasons and re-apply.

That’s all on how to get google adsense approval easily. If you can follow the guide here, am sure you will get approved.

Do you have any question, addition, subtraction or critics? Please use the comment section below to talk to us and don’t forget to sign up for our NEWSLETTER.



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