I think you’re convinced enough that Google’s Free SMTP server is the best and reliable choice for you?

There are actually more than 20 free SMTP server’ providers in the internet world.

Among these providers is the popular Gmail which is otherwise known as “Google Mail”.

What does Google’s Free SMTP server really do?

As a business owner, there are more chances that you will need to manage your brand’s sent email messages.

To do this, you might be thinking of using an email server configuration provided by your web hosting company such as Namecheap, Bluehost, DigitalOcean and so on.

But sometimes, it’s quite unfortunate that your mails aren’t secured with some of these web hosting companies.

I’m not mentioning a name of any web hosting company here but if you think you handle confidential stuffs in your company, don’t dream of using the email configuration provided by your hosting provider.

Personally, I’m enjoying Namecheap’s own. I don’t care if anybody hack into the webmail or not; as long as confidential information aren’t passed from our clients to our server.

You may be asking….

Why Using Google’s Free SMTP Server?

As the title implies, setting Google SMTP server is absolutely free!

It’s not just FREE but choosing it will be beneficial to you in the sense that all the outgoing and incoming email messages will be:

  • Indexed and searchable
  • Saved or backed-up on Google’s server for free
  • Easy to managed at your own convenient
  • Able to change “From” or sender’s email address
  • Free from getting your email spammed or blocked by an internet service provider, ISP
  • And many other cool benefits powered by Google.

Requirements for Setting Google’s Free SMTP Server

  • Your free google mail account (example: yourname@gmail.com) Or
  • Your paid Google Apps account

I will suggest using the popular and free Gmail account to configure your Google’s SMTP server correctly.

Now, let set your free SMTP server with google.

How to Configure Google’s Free SMTP Server –

Before we start setting this up, let me quickly remind you this;

Google value cyber security than any other tech companies that is dominating the internet’s space today.

That’s why they introduce and even enforces the use of SSL certificate on every, and each programs on the internet.

So, to have a successful Google’s SMTP server configuration, you need to enable “HTTPS instead of HTTP”.

What I’m saying in essence is that, you need to check your mail client’s security status before going for this Google’s Free SMTP server configuration.

If you have checked and sure that your mail client is secured according to Google’s measure, you can now continue with the steps below;

  1. SMTP server should be è smtp.gmail.com
  2. SMTP username should be è  Your Gmail address (e.g. gmailsample23@gmail.com) or Your Google Apps email address (sample45@domain.com)
  3. SMTP password should be è Correct password to Number 2 above (e.g. your gmail password)
  4. SMTP port should be è 465
  5. SMTP TLS/SSL required è Yes

That’s not all;

Check on the tips below to buttress your free SMTP server configuration.

Tip #1 – Storing your outgoing emails

As mentioned earlier, one of the benefits of choosing Google’s free SMTP server is the ability to back-up your emails.

If this is an added advantage for your business, here is how to do that:

  • Go to https://www.gmail.com and login with your email address and password. If you use a Google Apps, log into it.
  • Go to Email settings
  • Click on the Forwarding/IMAP
  • Scroll down a little bit, right at the IMAP Access section
  • Then, enable it.

Tip #2 – Configuring the sender’s or “From” email address

Whenever you want to send any email to a recipient, google will automatically rewrites the “From” line to “Send mail as” the email address you used to set up the STMP server.

For instance, if you setup your STMP server with a Gmail address like “mystmpex@gmail.com”, whenever you send out any email, the receiver will see “mystmpex@gmail.com”.

This seem to be normal but,

It’s important you setup or change the email sender’s in your Google’s free SMTP server as it’s important in the cause of security, professionalism and/or branding.

Yes, you can use “email address A” to setup your SMTP server and lets your email recipients see “email address B” instead of the default A.

This is how to change the “From” email address in your Google’s free SMTP server;

  • Follow step 1 – 2 in Tip #1
  • Go to Account tab/section
  • Change the default email address to any other email you wants receiver to see

After setting this, Google’s SMTP server will automatically show the new email address as the default sender’s email address.

That’s all you need to configure your Google’s free SMTP server.

Frequently Asked Question:

What is the sending limit of mail on Google SMTP server?

ANSWER: Google SMTP server allow 99 mails to be sent by a user in every 24 hours.

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