Since Instagram was launched and later on acquired by Facebook Inc., It has been one of the major source of making money online and that’s the reason why celebrities and other internet users are looking for any means to get real Instagram followers.

Instagram is one of the most amazing social media platforms in the world, with users crossing to 1 billion very soon.

Although, some people use bot and other malicious ways to increase their followers on Instagram but if you want to make money on Instagram either by promoting your products, promoting your creativity or talent, then abstain from buying fake followers.

If you are familiar with Instagram, you will know it’s indeed an amazing social media network or digital marketing tool to share your pictures, videos, and every moments with the world.

Apart from that, it’s one of the best social media platform that can earn you living such as that of YouTube Videos’ Monetization, Facebook Ad-break and other social media platforms with monetization package.

Some Instagram users are acquitted with the best ways they can make money with this platform but, all their efforts to achieve this success are proofed abortive because they lack real followers.

But wait;

Who are those who need to get real Instagram followers?

Growing Instagram followers is not a birth’s right, so it’s not necessary for you to join the league of those people wanting to increase their followers.

But if you’re on the following categories of people, then you need to learn how to get real Instagram followers:

  • Upcoming Artiste, Artist, Actor, Comedian, Dancer: This category of people really need massive followers on Instagram in order to build their fame quickly because people are hungry for your talent on this platform. You can as well get any sponsorship, record deal or endorsement from any influential person who love your talent or creativity.
  • Entrepreneur, Company, Agency etc: Without a brand-able Instagram handle for your business or brand, then your marketing strategies is incomplete and incompetence. Millions of people interested in what you render or sell are on Instagram.
  • Digital Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Social Media Marketer, Blogger: If you fall into any of these category, you need to get real Instagram followers in order to help your customers who are in need of targeted traffic that will convert to sales.
  • Influencer: These category of people really need to grow their followers pretty large if they want to maintain their status as an influencer and they are thinking of making more money, win partnership deal, endorsement and so on.

If you are want to become a successful freelancer, you also need to learn the strategies of increasing social media, especially Instagram followers in order to win more clients for yourself. That’s what I do on my Instagram page here.

Now, have you checked yourself and convinced enough that you really need massive followers on Instagram? If yes, then let continue reading the step-by-step guide on how to do this.

How to Grow Real Instagram Followers for Free in 2019

1.   Think about Branding and creativity

Yes, branding is very important when it comes to growing your Instagram followers.

What do I mean by “branding and creativity”?

In simple term, branding and creativity on social media simply means doing what is unique in such a way that people can easily recognizes or guess that it’s you or your business whenever they hear or see something.

This varies from choosing an eye-catching username and display name, description in bio, pictures, videos, profile picture or logo.

Quick tips:

  • Let your display name talk about what you are or what you do. For instance, my display name on Instagram is simply “The Personified Entrepreneur”. People who merely look at the name will have idea about my business even before visiting my page.

If you’re an artiste, use your stage-name as your Instagram display name, if you are social media manager for a company, use the company’s name as display name and so on. Don’t copy other people’s name!

  • You can choose any username of your choice but make sure you can easily memorize it and not too long (but I recommend 10-11 characters as maximum).
  • Your bio is another opportunity for you to tell people about who you are. It’s usually short but if you make use of it well, you can get real Instagram followers without paying a dime.

Check my Instagram page here to a sample or format you can use to create a strong impression with your Bio.

  • Your profile picture or logo should represent you or the company you’re representing. If you want to use your own picture, make sure you snap it clearly in a nice outfit.

I recommend you put a small picture (like a passport photograph) as your profile picture. If you wish to use your company logo, hire a good graphics designer.

  • Make sure you use official signature in all your videos or pictures to avoid copying without giving you any credit. What I mean by signature is simply putting your Instagram username or logo in every pictures or videos you share on Instagram.

2.   Choose a niche

Niche is the line of your business. I mean the category your business falls in.

If it’s a must for you to get real Instagram followers, then you need to choose a niche and focus on it. A lot of Instagram users are making mistakes of focusing on different niches and let me tell you that this is absolutely wrong and lacks professionalism.

For instance, when I learnt that it’s possible for me to get more customers on Instagram, I created an account immediately with consistent posting and using the right hashtags. I do get more followers up to 100 per day but suddenly like 50 of them started unfollowing me daily.

After my research, I learnt that if I post content about social media marketing, people interested in online marketing will follow me and same thing applies to content such as web design, SEO management etc.

But what made people to unfollow me is when I started uploading contents about gossiping, music, dances and other niches under entertainment.

The gospel truth about growing real Instagram followers is that, not everybody on Instagram are interested in everything happening on Instagram.

Some are there to follow celebrities, big blogs and influencers in order to enjoy fresh news, giveaways and familiarities.

Quick Tips

  • Choose a niche and stick to it
  • Post contents about your niche

3.   Follow & Collaborate with others

You will wisely use this opportunity and attract some Instagram followers to yourself. But avoid spamming as much as possible because you can be blocked or penalize for that.

Follow those celebrities in your country and other places you can extend your business to. Make sure you comment on other Instagram accounts.

Commenting can help you get real Instagram followers if you make sure of it well.

When I say you should make good use of commenting, I mean you should try and type in something unique and can be either emotional or hilarious….. Whatever your style of commenting is, make sure all your comments are noticeable in the sense that people will like to know this person with this hilarious / emotional / helpful comment.

Apart from following and commenting, you can collaborate with other Instagram users in your niche by reposting their content(s) to your account while tagging them to the post. If the person notices that you repost his content to your account and giving him the credit (by tagging him as source), then the person will reciprocate.

Doing this will enhance relationship between you guys and the followers will circulate to both of you. That is, his followers will follow you and vice versa.

Quick tips

  • Follow celebrities with millions of followers and turn on notification
  • Don’t comment with the intentions of getting followers but to contribute helpfully
  • Make use of Instagram free apps such as “regrann” to repost contents to your account.

4.   Consistently Update Unique Contents

Some people ask, “How many times should I post on Instagram daily for massive followers?”

The answer to the simple question above can only be answered by you. It depends on how quickly and consistently you will like to get real Instagram followers and how much more you can devote your time for it.

But according to few experience about Instagram, you will need to post based on target especially if you are just starting out as a user. If you want 100 followers per day, you can set your target to getting at least 10 followers per post.

So mathematically, 100 followers per day divided by the 10 followers per content will be equal to how many times you should post per day.

Let solve this together;

Let followers per day be “X” = 100

Let followers per content be “Y” = 10

Let how many times to post per day be “Z” = unknown

Mathematically, X = Y * Z

100 = 10 * Z

Z = 100 / 10

Z = 10

That’s you will need to post 10 times per day to get 100 followers (if you get 10 followers per post).

Another question on google search is, “Which type of contents should I post to get real Instagram followers?

The answer is, just post anything that you know will impress your followers and attract new ones. If you’re a comedian, all you need is to post what will make your followers laugh or think you’re such a clown!

But generally, I’ve found out that Motivational Quotes or Videos attracts followers irrespective of your niche.

5.   Use Hashtags

Using of hashtags (#) in no more a news. Since it was launched, has become most important social media effects that’s capable of making your post go viral across the world or in your geographical location.

You can use Hashtags to grow your followers on Instagram, twitter, linkedin, facebook and other social media platforms who accepts the use of hashtags.

After coming up with a creative content, you need to make use of hashtags related to what you want to post.

For instance, if you want to post a motivational quote or video, you can use hashtags like:

#motivationalspeaker #motivations #mondaymotivation #entrepreneurship #factaboutlife #lifemisery #makemoneyonline #goalcast #dreambigger #bigdream #ilovemylife #wiseup etc.

You should not use more than 25 – 30 hashtags or else, Instagram bot won’t display any content you’ve written.

Another ways to make good of hashtags is that you can use it on your bio, in your comment section and don’t use more than one hashtagged keywords repeatedly or else, you won’t see any result.

Other Paid ways to Get Real Instagram Followers are:

6.     Advertisement

This is effective ways of growing your Instagram followers but here, you will need to be careful about the type of content you want to promote.

Don’t advertise a picture no matter how motivational or engaging it is. Only advertise a very creative and engaging videos which will trigger the viewers to follow you without any hesitating. Don’t forget you need to target audience in your niche, within areas you want to expand your business to, the age range and gender.

The good news about advertising on Instagram is that, you can let the ads automatically show on Facebook. This will save you more money and increase your chances of getting more followers on Instagram provided the content you’re advertising is engaging.

You can learn more about how you can advertise on Instagram through google but I will soon write about how you can advertise on both Facebook and Instagram soon.

7.     Do Giveaways

This is currently the trending way people especially influencer get real Instagram followers. It is as easy as giving people items like money, phones, clothes, shows, weavons and so on.

Who doesn’t like free stuffs? Doing giveaways on regular basis will impress you.

The amazing thing about this strategy is that, you can use it to send more followers to more than two Instagram accounts.

It’s like this, you come with a post telling your followers that you wish to give out $100 to 10 lucky and active followers but before you can do that, you will tell them to tag 10 of their friends to follow you so that they can win as well and the first 10 people who do that and their tagged friends follow you will win the $100.

Let assume you currently have 500 followers. After making the giveaway post, your followers even the dead ones will resurrect trying to win the $100. If 300 out of them tagged 10 of their friend each, that totaled to 3,000 people.

Out of the 3,000 people tagged by your friends, up to 2,000 will follow you.

With your 500 followers, you’ve increased your Instagram followers to whooping 2,500 followers within few hours!

You have enough money to do this for a month, you will have up to 75,000 followers!

By this time, different people will be contacting in order to promote their business or page on your account and by this, you’re gradually making money on Instagram

This strategy is working impressively but be prepared to spend money.

8.     Pay Influencers

This is another ways to get real Instagram followers.

You just have to find an influencer with massive and engaging followers and you will have to contact the influencer for paid advertisement or sponsorship.

This will expose you to large audience and get some followers. After a while, you can start doing giveways instead of paying for influencers again.

CONCLUSION on How to Get Real Instagram Followers for Free

I hope you have learn one or more tips on growing a massive Instagram followers even for free.

Instagram is a treasure available to everybody but few knows about the secret of using it to make cool cash while some people are aware of this strategic means of using it to make money but have low followers.

Remember that you need to professionally set up your account with brand-able display name, username, bio and profile picture. Try as much as possible to make use of signature on your own videos or picture.

Don’t forget that choosing and sticking to a niche is important with consistent posting while making use of correct hashtags. Make sure you inculcate the habit of following others and engaging with their posts by commenting, like, share (while tagging them).

But if you have few bucks, simply go for advertisement, giveaway or pay an influencer to send traffic and followers to your Instagram page. Don’t buy Instagram followers, most of them are fake and spams a lot!

This article will really help you out if “action” is taken on these tips.

That’s all about getting real Instagram followers for free or paid. Do you have any question or suggestion about this article, please feel free to drop your comment in the box below and don’t forget to share the love with your friends.


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