Do you want to increase blog traffic through social media marketing?

Who doesn’t?

All online marketers are ready to get crazy when it comes to driving traffic to their website, blog or landing page.

As a blogger or website owner, you need massive traffic to make money either with Ads network like Google Adsense or with affiliated products in your blog.

But there are millions of people are not really aware that they can eventually increase blog traffic even for FREE using the social media platforms.

Social media is a viable tool to drive lots of traffic to your blog.

But you may be asking….

Do you mean I can get traffic from social media without getting spammed?

Yes, you can increase blog traffic with social media without getting spammed provided you do the right thing mentioned here in this article.

But before diving into the tips, let quickly take a look at what social media marketing is.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Many experts have defined social media marketing in different ways and I’m sure you’ve also came across some of them, right?

But in few words, Social Media Marketing is the strategic process of creating contents with your audience in mind, sharing the content in your social media community with a call-to-action button for the audience to engage with the content.

In the definition above, you notice the words “content”, “audience” and “community”. Without these three words (otherwise known as The Marketing’s CAC), you are not going to achieve any success in your marketing plan.

In one of my future article, I’m going to talk more about these CAC.

But before then, let not forget that “content” is the most essential thing you need when you’re thinking of how you can increase your blog traffic with social media and any other traffic generating techniques such as “Search Engine Optimization”.

But why Social media is a sure source of increasing blog traffic?

Once upon a time, Facebook was launched as the only social media network and everybody was happy because communication and connection is now made easy.

Facebook users during those days had nothing to do than to chat, view statuses and do some basic things. But today we are spoilt with numerous choices from Twitter to Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn and more.

These are all awesome ways of socializing and keeping in touch with the latest happenings in today’s world.

What was intended to serve as a means of connecting and communicating with each other is now an important part of every business especially when it comes to using them to increase blog traffic, although they are still serving their original intended purposes.

As a business owner, blogger or any internet marketer, social media can help you with building your brand and you can as well connect with your ideal audience.

Big and small business owners utilizes social media for growing their business through some methods which includes driving traffic to blogs.

Here is a “Pro” tip before getting started with social media marketing;

Before starting out, be sure to know the demographics, knowledge of your audience most preferred or list of preferred social media platforms is also key.

You should be well versed with at least three social media platforms especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as these three has the highest amount of active social media accounts.

Also, there are many other ways to increase blog traffic but social media seems to be a vital source of web traffic in recent times which is why this article is focused on it.

To cut the long story short, here are the tips on how to increase blog traffic with social media.

12 Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic With Social Media

  1. Your Blog Needs to Be Clean & Responsive
  2. Brand Your Social Media Pages
  3. Publish Quality Contents in Your Blog
  4. Build Engagement using contexts
  5. Shorten Your Links
  6. Develop a Sharing Routine
  7. Make Use of Eye-catching Graphics
  8. Always Engage With Your Followers
  9. Use Call to Action
  10. Use Social Media Buttons
  11. Share Other Bloggers’ on Social Media
  12. Use Paid Social Media Promotion

Now let start talking about these!

How to Increase Blog Traffic with Social Media

1.      Have Clean and Responsive Blog

Because of quick gratification, people are always in hurry to get what they need these days.

And, this also happen when it comes to driving traffic from social media to blogs. A clean and responsive blog is what will convert social media users to web traffic.

This is what I’m trying to say;

Let say you see a very nice Ad copy on Facebook and you wanna know more about that stuff, you click on it (with the intention of reading more from a blog or website).

But, it keep loading for several minutes without redirecting to the blog, what are you going to do in this situation?

Of course, you’re going to cancel or quit the page.

If you’re the owner of the blog and you’ve invested some bucks to promote your article on social media but at the end of the day, the ad is not converting to blog traffic, what are you going to do?

You’re going to feel frustrated.

But do you know what actually the problem is?

It’s simply because your blog or website is not responsive.

Characteristics of a responsive blogs are;

  • Fast (high loading speed of less or equal 3 seconds)
  • Mobile friendly

Taking these two characteristics into account, you shouldn’t forget that your blog needs to be clean.

All the code especially, CSS and JavaScript should be minified. There are several free wordpress plugins that can help you to minify and optimize your website.

In essence, to increase your blog traffic with social media, your blog or website must be clean and fast.

Check this tips to:

2.      Branding Your Social Media Pages

This doesn’t require long explanation.

I believe you’re familiar with social media pages already, even you have using couple of them.

But there is one modernized mistake that most people are making which they are not aware of, which is “branding”.

Branding is so powerful in the sense that your existing users can keep being your fans while you’re attracting the new readers.

This is what I’m saying;

If you have a blog with a domain name “”, is it reasonable to have your Facebook page name as “Just to Blog” and on Twitter, it’s “Naija Tech”, on Instagram, it “Official Blogger” and so on?

Most people think this is the right way to keep growing their fan base. But let me tell you that it’s very harmful to your online reputation.

You should be able to have the same username for all your business page on social media. If you choose to goes with “Just to Blog”, make sure it’s so on all your social media pages.

Also, you should hire a professional graphic designer to make a unique logo which will be used in your blog and all social media pages. Other images you’re using should be watermarked if you can do it yourself.

Create beautiful images that attracts people. In my recent experience on Instagram, I came to understand that entrepreneurship or motivational quotes attract people than any other type of images.

Here is a guide on how to increase your Instagram followers for free.

You can start branding with motivational quotes and share across your social media pages. This is not really going to increase your blog traffic but will help in building a consistent fan base.

Just embrace branding and watch your blog traffic increasing from social media.

3.      Publish Quality Contents

First impression matters a lot!

You’ve heard it couple of time that “Content is King”…. Right?

Yeah, in real life and any online business, content is the most crucial part and it’s going to determine your success added up with other tactics.

To increase blog traffic with social media, contents’ uniqueness and quality should be highly regarded to.

This is what makes a visitor keep coming back for more, spending quality time on your site.

Without this, every other tips shared below will be ineffective, high quality contents is key.

People are attracted by what they see, if you share a post on social media and someone visits, the quality of your contents

This quality contents will compel them to revisit or refer someone else and with this. Poor quality contents drives visitors away.

The more you publish quality contents, the more you’re building loyal readers, retaining the existing readers, getting more followers on social media and you’re at the same time increasing your blog traffic.

This is what I’m trying to say;

People are tired of reading one thing all over again from different source. If you’re the type that copy other people’s contents, you’re technically decreasing your blog traffic and even practicing what Google Algorithm hates.

For example in this blog, I don’t publish contents very often because I’m busy with other projects and I want to take every careful measures to be authority in my niche. But whenever I want to write an article, I make sure it’s 100% unique, lengthy (minimum of 2,000 words) and it is SEO friendly.

I have a client who got impressive ranking with just 3 blog posts I wrote for him.

With the 3 unique contents, he’s able to increase his blog traffic from social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, he got impressive Alexa ranking and a lot of followers on social media.

You can also start writing and sharing unique contents today. To learn how to write this type of content, read this 20 Tips to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

4.      Building Social Media Engagement Using Contexts

According to oxford dictionary….

Context is the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood

In point #3, I told you that writing and publishing quality contents will help you increase your blog traffic with social media.

Context is the juicy part of your social media contents that triggers your audience to perform an action which is also known as Engagement.

I can say context is like a “bait” you use to draw attentions to what you’re doing on social media.

To make your social media pages more engaging or active, you need to know what your audience really like interacting with. Different people love different things but no matter how it is, you need to discover “something” they love in common.

This may require you to perform some surveys.

But however, there are few things I know that work well on social media pages, irrespective of their niche.

For example on Facebook, entertainment news, comedy, and all category of News always do well. But, you need to make use of Images, Videos or catchy contents to attract visitors from your Facebook page or group to your blog.

On Instagram, Images and Videos work better. But you can also read this tips to increase your Instagram followers.

You all know that Videos work well on YouTube.

Images work on Pinterest while contents less than 240 characters work on Twitter.

Now, after discovering what work well on each social media platform, what else do you need to do?

Input “call-to-action”.

On Instagram, links are only allowed in your bio. So whenever you post any video or image, make sure you let your audience know that there is a link in bio which will help them know more, enjoy more, sign up, download free etc.

Other social media platforms have their own way of embedding links, discover it and put call-to-action to your social media contents.

Doing this will greatly help you increase your blog traffic from social media.

5.      Shorten Your Links

I believe this is not hard to explain and to implement on your side as well?

But why does it really matter to shorten your blog or website links before sharing on sharing social media?

Well, it’s not compulsory to shorten links before sharing but it’s highly recommended.

Some permalinks are damn annoying.

I mean, some are too long and this may not be okay if it appears on social media.

In fact, too much of links may let Facebook block you or anybody else from sharing your blog links on Facebook and you know this is a great loss to you because Facebook is the second largest traffic referral after organic traffic.

To avoid spamming and to create great users’ experience on your social media pages, make sure you shorten your links.

Apart from spamming, you easily increase blog traffic on social media through shortened links. Ask me how?

There are matter that arises on social media that may need your contribution because you’ve already published it in your blog. If you’re able to remember your blog post link at that instant, you can easily share it to the person and the whole community at large to benefit from it.

Did you know you’ve not only drive traffic to your blog but also have get new readers which you can turn to both active subscribers and readers if your blog post help them out.

But, it’s quite difficult to remember exactly how your permalinks are.

To save your stress from memorizing all your permalinks, simply visit any link shortener websites and shorten your link, customize the shortened link to 5 letters you can vividly remember.

I make use of which the free version is damn great, even coupled with an analytical tool to track your decrease or increase in blog traffic.

If you want to know why shortened blog links are important on social media, kindly find out why Twitter and LinkedIn automatically shortened any long permalinks.

6. Develop a Sharing Routine

Sharing your posts on social media after publishing is a great means of awareness and of course getting more traffic to your blog or website.

In as much as sharing is important, spamming on social media isn’t right. Always have your audience in mind when sharing posts on social media, your social feed is for your followers and not for you.

There are platforms that automates the sharing process, example is IFFTT. With services like this, you can set the time and date you want a post to be posted, once the specified time comes around, the post appears on your feed.

Don’t forget to add sharing buttons below your blog posts.

There are some free WordPress plugins that allow you to perfectly do this without having to manually input these buttons. You can search for “social media sharing” in your plugin directories and different social media sharing plugins will appear.

If you’re not using WordPress, visit to manually create a social media media button, get the HTML code and paste in your website.

To keep the traffic going, the post should be re-shared a day after posting and after a week if you so desire. If the post will be of great benefit to your followers, do well to post it as often as possible.

You could check out the sharing structure of some top sites to get accustomed to the best ways of sharing posts.

Bottom line is; try not to be a spammer when trying to grow traffic to your blog via social media.

7.      Use Eye-Catching Graphic Contents

The use of graphic contents when sharing adds to the growth of your site traffic.

Most social media users are much concerned with aesthetics and that should be your focus while sharing contents online.

Your social feed should be attractive as possible so preserve your audience, graphic contents get a huge amount of engagement than written contents. Research has it that tweets with images (or other graphic materials) had more than 100% more retweets than normal tweets.

For this reason, when sharing an update on your social feed, it should include graphic materials like; Infographics, GIFs, Videos and Photos.

For SEO and copyright issues’ sake, don’t use any image downloaded from google or on the internet. But, you can create your own graphics which is a good approach for professional branding. Tools like Canva and Photoshop can help you with amazing branded images of your choice.

You can download premium but free images from or

Note that you’re not just going to use any image in your blog post or social media post but you should use a clean image that’s related to what that content you’re sharing is all about.

The size should also big (but not too big) enough to retain its quality.

8.      Engage With Your Followers/Fans

It’s called “peak time” or “peak period”.

I mean, this is when your followers are mostly active and this is when you should share your posts with them to get traffic as much as possible to your blog.

Peak period varies differently depending on the day of the week. This is where analytics and demographics come in, a concise study of the fact and figure will help you choose to most appropriate time for sharing.

There are tools to assist you with this and some social media platforms provide tools to fetch this kind of information. For instance, Google analytics will greatly help you in tracking your readers’ behaviours.

But let say on a Saturday, your followers are mostly active between 1PM and 3PM, you could decide to share your posts in between that time and this will lead to a huge amount of blog traffic. On the other hand, sharing by the end of the peak period wouldn’t attract much visitors.

And this is very important if you’re targeting any country. You need to know the time the audience will be active on social media. For example if you’re living in Nigeria but what to promote your contents to USA audience, you must make sure that you do that around evening time (in Nigeria).

Reason is that our time aren’t the same, to clear off the time barrier, you need to sacrifice your evenings (or nights) and be active on social media.

9.      Use CTA – Call to Action

The term call-to-action is mostly used in digital marketing and social media and it serves as one of powerful digital marketing helping hands.

It tells a visitor what to do next after a preview of the actual content.

It’s frustrating to write and share a wonderful article on social media and end up with little to no engagements, this is why call-to-action is important.

The type of call-to-action varies among various fields. Here are some of the best call-to-actions that drives traffic for various fields.

Learn More! – For educative contents, Finance and Health

Shop Now! – For commercial sites.

Book Now! – For travel, recreational and real estate sites.

Sign Up! – If you want your visitors to start using a service

Download! – Movie, Games, Music, Video and App download sites.

You could also use terms like “Read more” or “Click Here“. These CTAs persuade your visitors to take an action which will increase your web or blog traffic.

The use of CTA shouldn’t be used on all contents except it’s beneficial to your audience.

10.      Add Share Buttons to Your Site

After consuming an interesting article from your blog, a reader (or more) may decide to share such amazing blog post with their friends on Facebook or any social media platform, the presence of a share button at the end of every post will add to the overall growth of your web traffic.

This can be achieved by embedding a share tool on your site.

How can I add this to my site?

There are many options like AddThis. WordPress user can use the Cresta Social Share Counter plugin. You can search from more social media sharing button on WordPress’ plugin area.

There are more advanced options which you could use, some displays the number of shares of a post. With these options, you eliminate the stress of a visitor trying to create a social media posts with addition to a link to your site.

11.      Share other Bloggers’ Contents on Social Media

This is exact what they call building relationship with other bloggers or website owners you know. You can meet these people on social media, connect with them and share their blog posts on your timeline.

I know, this is not going to help you increase your blog traffic but what you’re looking for is relationship and commitment. Before you receive this, you need to give first.

After connecting with the blogger on social media platform, follow his/her timeline or blog closely. Whenever he/she publish or share a new article, you should help in sharing with your friends or your social media community.

When sharing, make use the person know that you’re helping him to share his/her blog posts to your fans. This will makes the blogger to like you and be willingly to help you re-share your own blog post with his/her readers.

You can let the blogger notice you by resharing or retweeting the post directly to your timeline or you can simply tag the person to notice you.

If you can do this often with multitude of bloggers or website owners around you, you’re not just going to increase your blog traffic but you’re as well going to have more connection with people in the digital world.

12.      Use Paid Social Media Promotion

This is optional but if you have few bucks in your Mastercard, you can opt for it.

Paid social media promotion especially on Facebook will help you reach wider audience than imagined.

The good thing is that you don’t have to break the bank before you run any social media campaign. All you need is what content to promote, a good image to use as blog thumbnail (which is automatically the social media snippet) and finally, a killer CTA (call-to-action).

You can run both Instagram and Facebook Ads promotion together once you’re using an Instagram business account. Linkedin, Twitter and Quora can also do a great job.


I highly recommend Instagram/Facebook for your social media paid promotion. Why?

Because about 2 billion people across the world are active on Facebook and up to a billion users are active on Instagram.

Another good reason is that both Instagram and Facebook can also be connected together. If connected together, your ads promotion is going to display on both social media platform, Facebook and Instagram.

You can start with few bucks (and start with experiment), then finally invest more bucks if you think your experiment is okay to your expectations.


You’ve come to the end this article, there are couple of ways to boost web traffic but social media tops the list which is why many business owners and bloggers use it for various kinds of promotions. You too can grow your website or blog traffic today, why don’t you START NOW?

Do you have any question you’re curious about or you want to send in any feedback regarding our services? Kindly choose us a message using the comment box below or contact us asap.

Thanks for reading and kindly take this chance to increase your blog traffic from social media platform without spamming!

Watch out for the amazing tips.

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Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check again.

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