Do you want know how to create a business website or blog on wordpress? It’s can’t be argued that in this age, having a professional and responsive website for personal or business purpose is an integral part of everyone’s life, especially for corporate business owners.

Having a website empowers you to show everything you offer in your business to the world. There are a lot of content management system (CMS) platforms in the world which you can make your own website.

Example of these CMS platforms are WordPress (which is the most easiest and used CMS platform in the world), Joomla, Wix, Drupal, Google Blogger (Blogspot) etc. At, we always recommend WordPress for making business websites, online stores, blogging, and other business which you can do to make money online.

To truth is that, you are not confined by customers in your neighborhood with a website but with it you can expand your business in the entire world. Mostly people make websites to earn money online and this is trending in now a day. As we have earlier said, WordPress is the best platform and our top recommended platforms for making website to earn money online. . It’s likewise utilized on over 28% of all websites on the Internet.

Considering present day, buyers invest increasingly a lot of energy on internet searching goods and services. So, making a website for your business is the first legitimate and advance step that will enable you to get new customers and clients and increase your income. There a lot of ways to earn money online with WordPress websites but here we will only discuss the method of making website on WordPress.

The best part about WordPress is that it provides wonderful themes that enable you to make a dazzling website and modify it with a couple of clicks from the mouse.

Over that, WordPress additionally has a great accumulation of free and paid plugins that enable you to expand the usefulness of WordPress significantly more and include features, for example, social sharing buttons, contact forms, Google Maps, slideshows, and substantially more.

Truth be told, with WordPress and a premium theme, anybody can make a website in a few hours. Let’s plunge in and go through the steps of making your website rapidly with WordPress:

 How to Create Business Website or Blog on WordPress:

Before really setting up your site, there are a couple of things that you’ll have to consider and settle on. You’ll have to purchase a domain name, a hosting plan, a free/premium WordPress theme, and initial content to start with. Let’s take a look at the list of all these steps:

Step 1: Think a unique and appropriate domain name.

Step 2: Purchase and register the desired domain name and a solid hosting plan.

Step 3: Installation of WordPress.

Step 4: Choose a responsive theme according to your business.

Step 5: Design your website by modifications.

Step 6: Install plugins to make your website more attractive.

Step 7: Add content related to your business.

Step 8: Promoting and Maintenance.

Let’s go through these one by one in detail.

1. Think a unique and appropriate domain name:

Step one is to pick a domain name which should be most appropriate according to the business.

Your business is represented by this domain name. So, the name ought to be short, unique, memorable, and relevant.

Here are a few tips while picking a business domain name:

  • Choose your business name as your domain name.
  • If your desired domain name has already been taken, then get a domain name in view of your items or products.
  • Choose your domain name with your most important keyword.
  • Avoid those domain names which are like your competitors domain names.
  • Once you decided a name then google it and check if this name is already in use in some other ways or not.

2: Purchase and register the desired domain name and a solid hosting plan:

When you make your mind regarding your domain name then choose a good platform from where you can buy it.

Enter the conceivable names in the inquiry box. Since the ‘.com’ space is regular among individuals and is reliable, endeavor to enter the name with ‘.com’ addition.

On the off chance that you don’t get a ‘.com’ area, ‘.net’, ‘.co’, and ‘. business’ could be some great options for your business site.

Attempt until the point when you locate the correct domain name for your site.

Web hosting is like a house where all the material e.g. content, articles, images etc. of your website reside. At this step, you have to buy hosting from the web hosting companies. Web hosting makes your website able to be appeared on the internet.

Consequently, it is essential to utilize a solid web hosting service.

There are numerous kinds of hostings available online like SiteGround, Namecheap, Hostgator etc. You can choose one of those web hosting companies and then buy the package according to your need.

Next question is,

How do I connect my domain with webhosting and install wordpress?

Here are some simple steps to do the job but we are using Siteground as an example.

Step 1: Go to SiteGround.

Step 2: Select StartUp plan and click on GET STARTED. Other plans can also be taken but if you are beginner then choose only startup.

Step 3: Click on the Choose Domain option then Register your domain which you’ve selected earlier. And click PROCEED.

Step 4: Finally, enter your Name, Address, email address, payment information, and period of your subscription.

Check the Domain Privacy in Extra Services section. It will safeguards your information like name, address, and phone number from Domain WHOIS search.

3: Installation of WordPress:

After buying webhosting install WordPress and after a few click your website will be ready for finishing touch ups.

You can install WordPress in a few clicks by using Softaculous automatic app installer.

Here is the step by step guidelines for the said process:

1. Log into cPanel or go to
2. Navigate to the dashboard section > Locate Softaculous Apps Installer menu

3. Click on the WordPress icon on the homepage:

4. Click on the Install button to proceed:

5. You have to fill out the details of your WordPress installation on next page.

  • Choose the domain.
  • In the In Directory field determine the root folder for WordPress installation. This field is vacant, and it empowers installation of WordPress on straightforwardly. If you wish to introduce it to a subfolder, as, just compose “blog” in this field
  • Database Name can be left default.
  • Table Prefix can also be left default.
  • The Site Settings section should be filled out according to your needs, though you can change it anytime later if required.

Make sure you set up secure and valid details in the Admin Account section:

6. Scroll down and click Install.

In a few moments, your WordPress will be successfully installed.

You can now log into your WordPress Dashboard to start working on your website.

Login with your username or email and password.

After you login, you will be on to the WordPress Admin Panel. This is the place you will customize your site, include pages and content.

Presently, go to Settings and tap on Permalinks.

At that point, in the Custom Settings select Post Name and click Save Changes.

4: Choose a responsive theme according to your business:

In WordPress, you can easily change the appearance, format, layout, and outline of your site utilizing themes.

Along these lines, you need to locate an attractive WordPress theme that suits your business and introduce it beautifully. What’s more, in a matter of moments, your site will look wonderful.

Before you pick a theme and install it, here are a couple of things to search for while picking a WordPress theme.

Design: You should choose a theme that looks perfect, proficient, and suits your business.

Designer: The designer of the theme is experienced enough to deal with mishaps might happen with the theme in future.

Responsiveness: Your theme should be responsive as it is necessary to promote you business.

SEO Friendly: You should choose SEO friendly theme which make your website a high ranking website in search engines.

Then the next question is:

How to install a theme on WordPress website?

This is a very simple method to install or upload a theme on WordPress website.

First of all, log in to your account and go to the Dashboard of your WordPress website.

Secondly, go to Appearance Then Themes.

Then click the Add New button on the top.

You’re almost done. Click Upload Theme to upload your theme on the WordPress website.

After this click the Browse button and select the theme which you already downloaded from internet or purchased online.

When the theme is uploaded fully then click on the Install Now button for the installation of the theme.

Finally, click on the Activate button to activate your desired theme on your WordPress website.

You’ve done it. You’ve installed the theme on your WordPress website.

5: Design your website by modifications:

The most astonishing element of WordPress theme is that you can edit it and set up the site according to your prerequisites.

You can edit your theme according to you. You can add and customize various features which can make your website attractive and responsive.

Make some essential pages on your website. Some important pages which a business website must have are: Home Page, Contact Page, Term & Conditions Page, Team Page, About Us Page etc.

Go to pages and Add New.

6: Install plugins to make your website more attractive:

WordPress plugins are bits of programming (like applications on your smartphone) that can be transferred to broaden and grow the usefulness of your business WordPress website.

There are a few business plugins accessible that will enable you to make contact or reservation shapes, oversee SEO, get installments for your items, and speak with your clients progressively.

How to install plugins on WordPress website?

It is also very easy task.

Just log in to your account and go to dashboard.

Click on Plugins.

Then Click on the button named as Add New.

Search your desired plugin and click on the Install Now.

After installing, Activate button will pop up. Click on it.

Your plugin is activated.

There are a lot of business and SEO friendly plugins on WordPress which can make your website attractive and help you to promote your website along with your business.

7: Add content related to your business:

Since your site is relatively prepared, include convincing content to your website and develop your business advertise.

You have to think about these two focuses while composing the content for your business website.

Consider Your Audience: You have to catch your audience’s eye in the event that you need to get your business and item thoughts over. Compose convincing content as your audience wants.

The Shorter, the better: Always do qualitative work rather than quantitative work. Write less but write best, which can attract your visitors to come again on your website.

Moreover, there are a lot of techniques and tips to write quality content for your business WordPress website. You can also hire writers who write articles and other content for your website.

8: Promoting and Maintaining:

Last but not the least step is related with the promotion and maintaining your website. There are a lot of platforms upon which you can promote your WordPress website, your products and your content.

Best platform for this kind of promotion is Social Media. Now a day, anything can be made viral in seconds through social media. You can promote your website on social media and gather audience from there.

Another of promotion is advertisements. You can give ads of your website and products on local channels and on other websites.

There are various other methods of promoting your website online. You can google it or ask me in comments to get guidance regarding this issue.

After promotion, maintaining a website is another expertise. You have to maintain the content, products and your services through your website to get your audience stuck with your website.


If you follow the simple guide above, you will be able to make your own business website on WordPress. Also, you can make money online at home and earn money online with wordpress by making website on this platform which currently trending among bloggers, affiliate marketers and other internet users like hot cakes. By following these instructions, you can make responsive and attractive business website on wordpress and you can earn a lot of money online at home with help of wordpress.

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We can help you build a responsive and professional website. Also, If you need help in learning how to design professional website either for yourself or as a freelancing business, we can help you achieve that and take you from zero to wordpress hero with our complete and everyday guides!

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