Do you think you may be affected with the Google’s “June 2019 Broad Core” Algorithm Update?

If you’re a blogger or a website owner, I know you’ll would have been asking few questions pertaining to the latest Google Algorithm in 2019 and that is the hyped June 2019 Update.

It’s a well-known tradition for Google to release updates for its search engine algorithms. These updates may occur monthly, bi-monthly, twice a month and in some cases, thrice or four times in a month.

Google released another update for the month of June which is known as “June 2019 Broad Core update”.

When Google first announced that they will be releasing an algorithm update, a lot of bloggers are scared, not knowing what might happened if it’s finally released.

I think some are still recovering from the effect of Florida 2.0.

Well, whatever the case may be, June 2019 Broad Core Update has come to stay and what we need to do is to know what next to in order to keep getting love from Google.

In case you’re just hearing about this, I guess you might be asking that……

What is Google’s June 2019 Broad Core Update?

Before we talk about June 2019 Google’s Algorithm update, I think we should first clarify what “Broad Core Update” is, then we can now discuss about the main latest update.

Google release various algorithm update from time to time and these updates tend to fix various issues.

Some of these updates are Penguin, Panda, Fred, Pigeon, Florida, Florida 2 and so on.

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Each of these algorithm serves some purposes. For instance, Penguin deals with spam which are related to links. Another is the Pigeon which was released to tackle SEO spams, bottom line, these updates tends to solve various problems.

Having that in mind, Broad Core Update can best be explained as…

An update about updates”, according to Google.

Broad Core Update covers all site’s niches and capable to increase or decrease the site’s ranking on search engines.

Unlike other updates, a Broad Core update is an update to Google’s search algorithms. These updates are released several times in a year, and you may notice changes while you may not, on some other updates.

For a search engine user, these updates helps in providing a much more better search result in terms of relevance and quality.

Now, let talk about the main stuff.

What you need to know about the June 2019 Broad Core update

It was officially announced by Google using one of their official twitter handle, @searchliaison on June 2nd, 2019. The tweet reads:

“Tomorrow we are releasing a Broad Core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. It’s called the June 2019 Core update. Our guidance about such updates remains as we’ve covered before.”

Few hours later they announced that the update was live:

“The June 2019 Core Update is live and rolling out to our various data centers over the coming days.”

The June 2019 Core Update is live officially and we’ll be seeing some little changes in the Google search engine over the coming days and weeks.

So, you may be asking….

What does this June 2019 Broad Core update bring?

This update tends to bring more life to content creation and serving a useful (and not scraped contents) on Google’s search results.

For content creators, bloggers and web developers, you’re advised to DO NOTHING or not to take any action as a Core Update doesn’t try to fix anything in particular rather you’ve been advised by Google to keep providing quality contents so as to rank high in search results.

Some have performed slightly below par after previous Broad Core updates and consequently, tried to tweak and change certain things so as to improve. Some might want to take such actions with the latest updates and Google has warned against it, they’ve stated that

“We understand those who do less well after a core update change may still feel they need to do something. We suggest focusing on ensuring you’re offering the best content you can. That’s what our algorithms seeks to reward.”

This is an advise from Google about what to do as these updates may take between 7 to 10 days to spread across, then we can begin to see the changes if any. It’s also mindful to note that the Core Update doesn’t target a specific niche, that why it’s usually called “Broad” Core Update.

Is June 2019 Broad Core Update Going to Affect GMAIL and Google Cloud Services?

I’m afraid to tell you that the answer is capital “NO”.

This is not my answer but, there’ve been speculations that the update was released to solve Gmail and Cloud services on Sunday. But Danny Sullivan @dannysullivan on Sunday spoke about this when asked, he said:

“It’s unrelated. I don’t know why those services are down, but it’s nothing to with the update.”

It was also speculated that this is about the indexing problems from past week, Danny Sullivan also debunked this.

About the latest update, here what Danny Sullivan had to say;

     “Nothing special or particular “big.” It’ usual type of core updates that we regularly do. We just wanted to be m proactive. Rather than people scratch their heads after-the-fact and asking “hmm?,” we thought it would be good just let folks know before it rolled out”

To keep rolling with this June 2019 Core update, you need to start working on;

  • Relevance

Recent Broad Core updates has been about relevance and this is what your expectations should be with the June 2019 update.

Google is on track to deliver more quality and relevance to its search engine users. This is a theory by many tech enthusiasts and in the grand scheme of things, it could be said to be correct.

But it should be noted that Google’s algorithms focus mainly on the quality of a site and this is a major ranking factor in terms of search results. As said earlier, this update tries to fix nothing in particular, in a more practical sense, this update seeks to provide relevant results by checking out the quality of sites on the web.

What to do:

You should consider checking on sites ranking above you to see what’s missing out in your site, and try to implement any needed change(s).

And do these:

  • Avoid copy-paste or scraped contents
  • Don’t do black-hat SEO or build arrant backlinks
  • Avoid spam in your site as much as possible
  • Publish rich contents
  • Build natural links from relevant sites
  • Write SEO friendly blog post using this 20 rich tips to rank your site naturally.

We all want to be rank high when the results are out, it’s a common phenomenon in life, not just in SEO, but in many other fields.

With this in mind, we shouldn’t just sit and watch our site pegged back when compared with other similar sites. With the latest update, your focus should be on relevance.

Other Helpful tips to help you:

People’s Reaction to the June 2019 Core Update

We all know this update will change a lot in search engine ranking, others are on the opposite side of the divide.

Bloggers and webmaster are talking about quality and trust being the top targets.

It’s believed that factors like backlink quality, site quality, content quality etc., are to be checked by this update and therefore requires urgent action.

Furthermore, others have decided to go with Google’s advice and change while waiting for the effects of this update.

Wrapping up:

A round up of Google’s June 2019 algorithm update, what do you think, are you taking any action or doing stand with Google? Do let us know in the comment section and stay tuned for more!


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