Are you a blogger or website owner who want to make money with Google AdSense but don’t really know how?

I know you’ve learnt a lot of hacks about making money online in Nigeria or in your country. And, you might have been told you can become a billionaire like Linda Ikeji if you start blogging right away.

Although, I’m not going to assure you of becoming a wealthy and famous through blogging in your country but I must tell you the truth that those high profiled bloggers in doesn’t have a “single” source of income.

In fact, they don’t rely on money from Google Adsense like new upcoming bloggers do rely on it.

What I mean is that, they have streams of income and you can also learn more about how you can also make money online in Nigeria even without Google Adsense.

Today, we’re going to discuss about how money can be made through blogging in Nigeria with Google Adsense. But before then, let me quickly introduce you to “Google Adsense”.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is the largest advertising network (Ads Network) in the world that offers contextual advertising services.

I’m sure you know what “Advertising” mean?

So in essence, Google Adsense works by creating awareness and making money in returns.

This is what I’m saying….

How Google Adsense Works

People goes to Google to help them create awareness about their products (or anything) through a service known as Google Adwords.

After paying Google for the Advertising fee, the Ads will now start displaying contextually on blogs or websites with Google Adsense.

In simpler explanation;

Who is an Advertiser in Google Ads Network?

Entrepreneurs or business owners can choose to advertise their products, services or brand through Google using what is known as “Google Adwords” and these categories of people are known as “Advertisers”.

These advertisers pay Google of course, for the Adverts.

But how do people make money with Google Adsense in Nigeria?

Who is a Publisher in Google Ads Network?

We have another categories of people known as “Publishers” in Google Advertising Network.

Without these Publishers, it’s quite impossible for Google Adsense to function.

Publisher in Google Ads Network is a person, either a blogger, website owner or mobile app owner that partnered with Google in advertising through Adsense or Admob in order to earn money (or commission).

We’ll still talk about how they make money with Adsense but, let me remind you once again;

In Google Advertising Network, Publishers earns money through “Google Adsense” while Advertisers spends money through “Google Adwords”.

Google Ads is like a contractor who gets advertising offer from lots and high paying of Advertisers (who may be individual, Company or any organization) and place the advertising banners or links on blogs that partner with them.

So now, you understand how it really work?

If yes, let move on!

How to Make Money Blogging with Google AdSense

1.     Optimize Your Blog Speed

I’m sure you already have a blog. And if you don’t have one yet, make sure you get a responsive blog as soon as possible even, before thinking of earning money from blogging through Google Adsense.

You can create a free blog money making on Blogspot, buy a domain name which is affordable from Namecheap and start blogging right away.

So, what I mean by optimizing your blog speed?

What I mean in essence is that your blog should load very fast.

If you’re using heavy theme, make sure you install cloudflare plugin on WordPress or add your blogspot blog to cloudflare CDN.

This will make your website fast. But you can do more optimization by using low size images, making use of YouTube to host your videos and get a file hosting server like to host any file you want your blog visitors to download, especially if you’re entertainment niche.

The big ups here is that you should avoid having big files that will slow down your blog.

And let me tell you that well optimized blog should load below 3 seconds. You can check your website speed and its optimization on GTmetrix.

Another solution is to use AMP plugin for your wordpress blog.

2.     Apply for Adsense

If you have not done this, it’s hightime you apply for the program in order to start making money from your blog. If you have adsense already, please skip this stage.

What are the requirements for Google AdSense?

You only need to:

  1. Have a blog or website
  2. A google mail or GMAIL account
  3. Understand Google Adsense Policy
  4. Contents
  5. Traffic (not necessary for approval but very compulsory for earning)

But getting adsense approval is not really easy if you’re the type that copy-paste or have been violating Google Adsense’s policy. But if you just set up your blog, you might be asking:

How do I sign up for Google AdSense?

At GbolaByte Web Solutions, it’s pretty easy to get Google Adsense approval irrespective of the blog niche. In fact, we have helped some prospective clients get theirs approved with their domain names using complete legit or “whitehat” methods.

How to get Google Adsense Approval

There are basically two ways to get adsense for your blog and start making money right away. They are:

  1. Hire an expert to get it approved for you (with your domain name)
  2. Do it yourself or buy an already approved adsense (not recommended).

If you will like to hire us to get your blog approved for Google Adsense, kindly click here to shoot us a message and we’ll reply very few hours or minutes of receiving your message.

But if you will like to do it yourself, no problem at all.

Here is a complete and easy guide on how to get Google Adsense Approval Easily. After reading the guide, make sure you practice everything and come back here to feed us with the outcome.

3.     Be Picky with Ad Code Placement

Many bloggers especially the newbies think that decorating their blogs with adsense banners and links will increase their chances of earning more money but, it’s totally wrong and in fact, reducing your chances of making money from adsense.

Why will too much of placement affect your earning negatively?

There’s something called CTR which is an acronym for “Click Through Rate”.

This CTR is part of what determine if you’re going to earn more from Adsense or not but let me explain how it works.

How CTR Work on Adsense

Click Through Rate (CTR) is the percentage of ad clicks divided by or in respect to page views.

Mathematically, CTR = Ad Clicks / Page Views.

In simple explanation:

If 100 visitors visited your blog and they view pages up to 1200, your Page views is 1000.

But the 900 visitors clicked on your adsense 30 times.

Then, the CTR is 30/1200… This is so normal and healthy for your earning on Adsense. But in condition where you’re having 1200 pageviews and 100 clicks, your account may be banned for irrelevant activity.

To avoid your adsense account getting banned or risk of earnings, avoid placing ads irrelevantly, don’t click on your ads yourself and never tell people to click on your ads.

You will be more familiar with the term ‘CTR’ in Adsense from your account dashboard, google blog and other tech blog who have written well-researched article about it.

But the scope here is that “avoid placing too much of ads in a page”.

You can use wordpress plugin like Ad Inserter or Quick Adsense to place your adsense in your blog easily without editing any code.

How many Ads should I place on my blog per page?

Well, there is no rule for this.

But since you really want to make money with Google Adsense, I’ll advise you to limit the maximum Ads on a page to 6.

Yes, 6 ads on a page is okay but depends on how lengthy your content is.

If you have short contents, especially if you’re blogging on entertainment (music to be precise), you can rest on just 4.

This is how you’re going to place it:

  1. At the header
  2. The sidebar
  3. Before content
  4. Middle of content
  5. After content
  6. You can place one after or before comment section.

This is good if you can place your adsense like this.

I’m not saying you must put 6 ads on a page but remember I said “maximum” of 6.

Some bloggers have less than 5 ads on their page and they are earning well with adsense while some blogger have more than 6 ads on a page and they are still earning.

4.     Choose High Paying Niche

I know you already know the meaning of ‘niche’…

In case you don’t know, Niche is line of blogging.

This is what I’m saying, there are many categories of things worth blogging about. It can be Entertainment, Technology, Sport, Science and other categories. If you choose to blog on any of these blogging categories, you’ve chosen a niche for yourself.

We also have “micro-niche” such as when you’re blogging about “Android devices”. Whereas, this sub-niche can be found under ‘Technology’ niche etc.

I hope you’ve understand what I mean by niche?

Good, keep reading!

To choose any high paying niche that converts well with Google Adsense and other Ads network, you need to do your research well.

I mean, don’t just jump into any niche and start writing. Also, think about what you’re talented or can do often without getting tired. Blogging can be frustration if you’re not writing what you love to do and your traffic is neither increasing nor converting with Adsense.

If you love football, go for Sport niche. If you love following up celebrities, choose entertainment niche and so on.

But if you think you can blend well with any niche just like me, kindly choose a high paying niche.

You may be asking…..

What are the high paying niche to make money with adsense?

According to reports from reliable source, the following niche convert well on Adsense:

  • Insurance
  • Mesothelioma
  • Health
  • Tech
  • Make Money Online
  • Business / Finance
  • Food
  • Software / App
  • Currency
  • And so on…..

Note that entertainment niche is the worst niche ever. I don’t know why. Maybe because there are lots of copy-paste or irrelevant contents in the niche but I’m sure of one thing.

Entertainment niche has very low CPC….

Advertisers don’t place high importance on this niche and this is why it’s difficult to earn massively from Google Adsense on Entertainment niche.

But do you know that your earning can be very low just like entertainment niche even, after choosing high-paying niche?

Why and what’s the way out?

Keep reading!

5.     Write on High CPC keywords

To choose a niche is not a problem but what are the type of contents you’re going to be writing on your adsense-enabled blog?

To make some cash with Adsense, you need to focus on high CPC keywords.

What is the meaning of keywords?

Keywords are those focus words you’re writing on and want to rank for.

For example if you want to write on a topic that explained to readers the most famous tourist centres in the world, you will have:

Your title as >> Top 50 Tourist Centres in the World for Holidaying

Your keywords are or may be >>> Tourist centres, Best Tourist Centre in the World, Tourist centres for Holidaying, Best Relaxation Centre etc.

You know what keywords really mean now?

Good. So before you think about writing any content, make sure you look for high CPC keywords.

What is the meaning of CPC?

CPC is an abbreviation for “Cost Per Click”.

This is the amount an advertiser will pay if their Ads is clicked.

Some keywords has $0.05 CPC while some keywords has more than $100 as CPC.

Can you spot the difference? If your CPC is $0.05 and you have 1000 readers and 10 click on ads in your blog. So, $0.05 x 10 = $0.5.

If you continue like this for a month with CPC of $0.05, maybe at the end of the month, you have 10,000 pageviews but just 30 clicks. That’s going to be the $0.05 x 30 which is $1.5.

How long will you keep with making $1.5 per month from adsense?

Now, let talk about high CPC keywords.

Let say your average CPC is $5.09 and your blog has an average of 10,000 Pageviews per month but 20 clicks.

That’s going to be $5.09 x 20 which is $101.8 per month from adsense.

The difference is clear…

Researching and writing on high CPC keywords will earn you more money from Google Adsense.

There are tons of high CPC keywords outside there, take your time to write on them using longtail keywords to drive both traffic from SEO and more money on Adsense.

Note that countries also have effect of CPC.

Almost all countries in Africa are very poor which it comes to CPC on Adsense. If you’re thinking of making some money from adsense, you can target rich CPC countries such as USA, UK, Canada etc.

Using tools like, SEOQuake, SemRush, Ahrefs and other tools on the internet will help you in your research for high CPC keywords.

Read this guide on how to write SEO-friendly contents that rank on search engine and input those high CPC keywords you’ve gotten at the right spot as explained in the article.

6.     Traffic is Important to Make Money on Adsense

Traffic is very essential for ranking and as well, making money blogging with Adsense.

Although, it’s not needed for Adsense approval but it’s need if you want to earn from Adsense. But what is traffic?

Traffic is the amount of time your blog is visited. Those people visiting your blog can be regarded as traffic

As a blogger, you must be able to drive massive traffic to your website and keep them with engaging contents. Write what they want to know about and never have the intention of getting ad clicks from them.

Remember that the more the traffic, the more your chances of making money on Google Adsense but where can you get traffic that converts?

Reliable Source of Traffic to Earn from Google Adsense

Below are different channels through which you can get traffic to your blog or website:

  • Search Engine Optimization “SEO”

This is the type of traffic gotten from search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex etc……. It’s the most valuable source of traffic.

Read the following SEO Tips to drive traffic to your blog or website:

WordPress SEO Tips – How to Rank #1 on Search Engines

Blogspot SEO Tutorial and SEO Plugin to Rank on Google

Shopify SEO Tips – How to get love from Google

Ecommerce SEO Tips – How to rank any Ecommerce website on search engines

  • Social Media Marketing “SMM”

I’m sure you don’t need more explanation on this, right?

But here are two tips to help you:

How to Increase Blog Traffic with social media

How to Increase Instagram followers for Free

  • Email Marketing

This is the process of sending email inform of Newsletter to your subscribers or Email list.

You can add Newsletter plugin to your blog to capture leads or make use of RSS feeds like feedburner.

Here is another tips to Configure your Google (or Gmail) Free SMTP server to send free 99 emails to your subscribers every 24 hours. If you don’t want to use google SMTP, you can use any of these 10 other Free SMTP servers.

  • Direct (or Offline) Marketing

Telling people to visit your blog or branding yourself offline which can impress people to visit your blog or website. It can also be through radio/TV interview, seminar or any other offline events.

  • Influencer Marketing

Telling or paying people with high followers (such as celebrities) on social media to help you advertise your blog or brand in order to get high traffic.

  • Solo Advertising

Just like Influencer marketing. But this time, you’re telling or paying people with massive and active email list to help you blast an email campaign to their subscribers.

Note: Avoid traffic from bot, self-clicking or any other illegal ways of generating traffic as this may get your account banned which means your wish to make money from Adsense is killed again till you appeal or get another adsense account.

7.     CONCLUSION: Start Earning on Adsense

So far, you’ve learn few stuffs about making money blogging on Google Adsense and I’m sure if you can start taking action today, you’ll see improvement on your adsense earning.

Don’t forget that you need to start optimizing your blog or website to be very fast, has clean theme, navigation and layouts.

Apply for Google Adsense after you must have loaded your blog with quality contents and to increase your earning, you need to write on high CPC keywords, choose high paying niche and don’t forget that you should put the maximum of 6 ads per page (although no rule for that but advisable).

After that start driving traffic!

The more the traffic from a reliable source, the more you will earn from Google Adsense.

Don’t forget that you need to start taking serious action in order to make serious money from Adsense!

That’s all for this article, if theirs is any change(s) or additional information, we will update it and send you a notification.

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