Do you really want to make money online with WordPress?

Well, everybody wants to.

If that’s what you have surfing for, we are glad to tell you that you can legitimately make money online with WordPress and your skills!

It’s of course accepted that WordPress is the most used content management system (CMS) in the world and, is gaining popularity day by day.

It is not only because of the exceptional service it provides but people are also discovering new ways to make money online.

You can be a web developer or simply a blogger and still make a hefty amount while doing what you truly enjoy.

No matter your skills either you are a developer, blogger, digital marketer or a newbie in tech world, WordPress provides numerous opportunities to make a living online.

If you have been looking for this wonderful opportunity on how to make cool money online, worry no more as we have compiled 25 ways through which you can make money with WordPress while doing what you love.

25 Proven Ways to Make Money Online With WordPress

  • Web Developing: If you are a web developer and are good at what you do then you can earn money building WordPress websites and maintaining them.

It has an open source development team, proven track record and diverse theme options which make it ideal to showcase your talent here.

Make yourself available to the clients and display your work through your own personal website or emails.

  • Support Services: if you are not in the mood to develop websites, fret not because the next option will surely catch your interest.

You can provide website support services by maintaining companies’ websites .

There are three basic components of maintenance: backups, updates and security. You will be able to have a consistent income as your clients will be billed for it on an ongoing basis.

  • Developing WordPress Plugins: You can also cash in on your thorough knowledge of WordPress and make money developing WordPress plugins.

Make them available for free on plugin directory or sell them on online marketplaces like MOJO marketplace or your own website to boost traffic.

  • Blogging: With so many updates every day, it’s hard for people to keep track of what is changing in different sectors of the world (Technology, Fashion, Entertainment, Business, etc.)

You can start a blogging on WordPress CMS platform where you can list all the latest changes and how to implement them

  • Developing WP Themes: WordPress community is pretty huge and one very popular way to get money is to design and develop WordPress themes for different genres and selling them .

There are many WordPress tutorials online that will help you with this.

You can look at free WordPress themes like Hamilton, Mallow and Bandana and create your own even better than them.

  • Flipping Websites: Just like flipping houses, you can buy a website, upgrade it with the latest themes and sell it at a higher price.

There are only four things you need to learn: WordPress, HTML, SEO and coding. As long as you can design a visually appealing website, it will sell and make you money.

  • Affiliate Marketing: You can also make money online by doing affiliate marketing on WordPress.

You can recommend a paid service in your blog and make money online

  • Sponsored Articles: If your blog has heavy traffic, you can approach companies and sponsor their products on WordPress.

There are chances to get more sponsored posts if you are doing something that interest people on your wordpress blog.

  • Becomes Ads Network Publisher: Another great way to monetize your blog is by including cost-per-click ads on WordPress.

Every time a user clicks on a CPC ad in your blog, you get paid. You can sign up with Google AdSense program to easily sell CPC ads on your website.

  • Sell Ads Spaces: Selling ads directly offers more flexibility and ease to convert according to your convenience.

WordPress has its own ad management plugins that can be used to sell ads without third party intervention. You can set up an advertise page and attract direct advertisers who will buy ads directly.

  • Brand or Products Reviewing: Writing paid reviews on your blog will not only get you free products to try but will also monetize your blog.

Websites like capterra are making money by just reviewing digital products, softwares, websites etc.

Many people are looking for high quality content writing services so if you are an expert in writing blogs on WordPress you can sell them on Fiverr and other online platforms to earn money.

Read this guide to learn how to write SEO friendly blog post.

  • Reselling Digital Products: There are two ways for you to earn money through preparing and distributing online courses.

Either you can deliver them free to build traffic to your site or you can sell them on sites like Skillshare or other online course providers like Teachable and Thinkific.

  • Write & Sell E-Books: Another great way to make money online is by selling eBooks on WordPress blog or websites.

You can also write books about WordPress and continue to receive income in the form of royalties every time your books are sold.

  • Hold Webinars: You can also host a live tutorial or webinar either at the site itself or advertise your tutorial on your blog and register the participants for it.

It is your choice to host a free or paid webinar depending upon your audience. There are many webinar software and wordpress plugins that you can use to utilize this.

  • Digital Marketing + Coaching: If you are good at digital marketing and motivating others, you can earn money with WordPress by providing information to your clients about what products to use within their websites for better productivity and gain.

Also, you can teach them on how to make sales, promote or market their products, how to work towards Return on Investment (ROI) and guide them in every area of their business which includes giving them motivations.

You can also choose to render these services for them instead of teaching of them.

  • Dropshipping: Be creative and sell anything from plugins, themes to physical products by setting up an online store at WordPress by using the Woocommerce plugin.

You don’t necessary have to make this products yourself, you can dropship from websites like Amazon, Alibaba and so on.

  • WP Designing & SEO Managing: WordPress websites designers are in huge demand nowadays.

So earn in some extra cash by offering your services as an exceptional WordPress designer.

Whether you design a simple brochure website or an advanced e commerce solution just make sure that you are offering something unique and Search Engine Optimizations are part of your project.

In this way you will have revenue generating websites for your clients.

  • Start a Forum on WP: You can also make money by creating WordPress membership sites which will only provide access to users who have paid a certain amount.

Plugins like BuddyPress, BBpress etc. will help you.

  • Events’ Consulting: If you have a sufficient amount of audience you can make an event calendar where you can market and advertise events of companies that have paid you.

There are many different plugins available for this purpose like Events Calendar and My Calendar etc.

  • Job Listening: Earn money by WordPress by making a directory of job listings where companies will pay you to post their open positions.

Select an industry and create a job board by using the WordPress job Manager.

  • Becomes a Virtual Assistant: Setting up a booking form on your WordPress blog is an easy way to set you as a virtual assistant.

This is a great way to sell your other skills while making money online.

  • UI/UX Designing: Remember a picture is worth a thousand words and if you have designed top class images, they will always generate a high price.

Design and exhibit logos and stock images and sell them on your websites or blogs on WordPress.

Think you are an expert in WordPress? Monetize this knowledge by providing support to your audience regarding how the platform works and drive traffic to your blog.

You can also review the latest updates and plugins on WordPress and give your two cents about it. This is a great way to fetch sponsors and ad placements.

BONUS: You can choose to render any of these services on Freelancing websites also. The best freelancing website we will recommend is Fiverr. SIGN UP for free here and start making money online while doing what you love.

There you go! Start with any of the skills mentioned above and making cool money online on WordPress.

Do you have any questions or anything you will like to add or subtract? Kindly make use of the comment box below.

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