Hello guys, I want to introduce you to NNU income program and at the same time, I will be writing on its review; NNU Income Program Review which includes the clarification about it being legit or scam.

I believed most of you have heard about this wonderful opportunity but doubting if it’s legit, or maybe it’s a Ponzi scheme or scam act.

But whatever you believe about NNU income program, I will gladly welcome it so far you want to be enlightened about the program because that’s why you are here.

And, I will make the best review I can give above NNU Income Program.

What is NNU Income Program?

NNU is an abbreviation for ‘Nigeria News Update

NNU Income program which is otherwise known as ‘NIP’ is one and the most active and trending program for students, graduates, young and old to make money online in Nigeria while doing simple tasks with their phones or PC.

These simple tasks are what we usually engaged ourselves in everyday on other websites and social media pages like Facebook, Twitter etc., but unfortunately, we are not paid.

The good news is that, we are going to start doing those simple tasks on NNU.ng and get paid for them!

But what are the simple tasks to make money on NNU income program?

The simple tasks are simply posting statuses (which are sponsored posts) on Facebook or Twitter, Reading Nigeria News, Sharing the news, commenting on the news and referring your friends to do the same thing you are doing and, you get paid just for doing that.

According to the website article on how the NNU income program work, you can make more than N50,000 every month if you heed to the simple procedures.

Is NNU Income Program Legit or Scam?

This is a very good question to ask especially when you are about to start a money making online business.

But to clear your doubt and at the same time assured you, NNU Income Program is NOT 100% legit but was the first most trusted Online Income Program in Nigeria.

A lot of participants of NNU income program had smiled to banks every month at the inception of the program because they chose to take the risk (doubting initially) with little investment of just N1,600.


Fact you must know about NNU Income Program;

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  • NNU is not totally a Ponzi Scheme

NNU Income Program was very far from being a Ponzi scheme or some money making scheme that defraud or scam people but now, I can’t vouch for them.

This program is also not a multi-level marketing business where you won’t earn without building network of downlines.

All you have to do on NNU official website (www.nnu.ng) is to post sponsored post on your Facebook or twitter page, read news, share it, post any news and you can also choose to boost your earning by referring your friends to join (which is not compulsory but, it holds the largest commission share o N1000 per referral).

The founder of NNU Income Program is not really TRUSTED

Another fact to proof that NNU income program is not really a legit income program is that, it’s founded by Paul Samson.

Who is Paul Samson?

Paul Samson is the founder and brain behind NNU.

Since this man has been on internet marketing, no record of scamming or cheating can be traced back to him.

Right before he founded NNU income program, he had created income programs like Eboss,ng, Coolnaira.com and some other programs.

People are making both bad and success testimonies!

Many Nigerians who are already on this platform, ‘NNU Income Program’ are making countless testimonies every month! There was no limit to how much they earned.

If you are on Facebook, search for this keywords ‘NNU Income’ or better still, follow Paul Samson and the official NNU page.

You will see a lot of people making their experiences with NNU known.


A good member of the platform which I know very well is Prosper Noah who is a blogger and SEO strategist.

His testimony on Facebook motivated to take the risk and registered immediately under the income program.

So, you can also be motivated if you checked on other people’s testimonies about NNU on Facebook.

Why not join this NNU Income Program to start making cool money online in Nigeria while reading news?

The Support Team Is not really Reliable

In case you are facing any issue which you can’t handle or need to learn more about how the income program works, you can contact the support team through your dashboard or ask your question in NNU Income official Facebook group.

As soon as you ask your question or tender your queries, you will receive helpful answers immediately from experience members and staff of NNU.ng

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NNU Income Program is Purely Referal Program

NNU Income program is not really a Ponzi or pyramid scheme.

It’s an affiliate program for Nigerians to make extra and hefty income of more than 60% of whoever that got to register through your special affiliate link.

NNU Income Program is 100% Government Approved

Unlike some make money online program in Nigeria, NNU is fully registered under G-Cyber Tech Nig. Ltd.

That’s, the government know about this program including some lions in online marketing business.

But, a lot of people have been complaining about the authenticity of NNU Income Program.

Now, the question is ‘How can I join and start on making money on NNU income program?

Before you can start making money online in Nigeria with NNU program, you will initially need to register with a token investment of N1,600 (which you will pay once).

If you are ready to invest N1,600, read how you can register below:

How to Register for NNU Income Program

Make sure you have your ATM card ready for this registration and make sure you know more details about it.

You may be wondering which type of ATM card you should prepare. As from me, I used my GT bank Mastercard and I think the website also accepts other banks’ cards.

Now let start;

  • Step 1: Click here to start your registration. You will be logged to NNU official website’s homepage
  • Step 2: Under ‘NNU Income Report’ which was written in red, click on ‘Join NNU Income
  • Step 3: After step 2, a new page will open which contain quick intro about the program. But below it is a button that calls to ‘REGISTER NOW’, click on it.
  • Step 4: A form will appear which will ask you of some personal data… fill everything correctly especially your name and E-mail address.
  • Step 5: Choose ‘Paystack’ as your payment option and proceed to enter your ATM card details including PIN.

Note: CVV is the 3 numbers at the back of your ATM

  • Step 6: Pay! After your payment has been received and confirmed, your account will be approved immediately.
  • Step 7: Once your account has been approved, login to your dashboard, set it up and

You are reading to start making money on NNU Income Program!



So far you have read about NNU Income Program review and how you can register on the money making platform.

But, you must bear it in mind that NNU is far different to Ponzi scheme or any fraudulent income programs you may been acquainted with.

According to GoogleNaija, NNU a legit scamming income program

I will strongly advise you to join this very wonderful opportunity and be among the smart Nigerians who are making money online by simply doing what they like.

In one of my article about NNU (on another blog here), I’ve included all the different ways you can make money on NNU Income Program, you can read by clicking HERE.

I will be very grateful if you let me know your view or experience about this wonderful opportunity by using the comment box below,

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to click here to join if you haven’t and kindly share this article with your friends if you love them!


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