Do you know you can start a free blog on Blogspot and make hefty amount of money online?

Yes, it’s very possible!

There is a popular statement that says ‘Big things start small’ and, that’s what most famous and rich bloggers outside there did. You can as well start molding your bricks for that mansion you really desired for.

Although there are different Content management systems (CMS) outside there where you can start your money making blog but, they may be somehow expensive to you as a beginner or as a student.

But if you really have passion for blogging and making cool money online, I will guide through every steps you need to launch your blog to the junction where you can start making money online.

In this article, I will be using BLOGGER or Blogspot.

What is Blogspot?

Blogspot which is populary refers to as ‘Blogger’ is a free blogging platform which is now owned by Google and of course, it’s one of the most used blogging system after the likes of WordPress.

Although blogspot doesn’t have all the tools needed to start a professional website or blog but, I always recommend it for any student or newbie who want to start money making blog which I know you are one of them or an acquaintance to it.

Few wealthy bloggers who started money making blog on blogspot are:

  1. Harsh Agrawal: Harsh is one out of the top 5 richest bloggers in India. He blogs on making money online tips, blogging tips, wordpress etc. He is the founder and chief author of an award-winning blog known as According to a report, he earn more than $35,000 monthly through blogging. He started from Blogspot and now, he is enjoying what blogging has done for him.
  2. Linda Ikeji: Linda Ikeji has opened pathway for most African students including females. She is the richest blogger in Nigeria and the whole Africa continent. She turned her passion for entertainment and gossip to blogging and, the result of her passion is crystal visible all over the world. She earn billions of Naira monthly from her blog ( She used Blogspot for good 10 years.
  3. Jide Ogunsanya: Mr. Jide is also one of the most successful blogger in Nigeria. His blog, ‘’ is a conducive vibe for making money online, blogging tips, wordpress and so on. He is rated to be making millions (if not billions) of naira through blogging.

And many other bloggers like me. To be sincere, Blogspot is cool!

But, it has some limitations which makes bloggers who have enough money for paid hosting to migrate out of it. These limitations are:

  • No Use of Plugins
  • No Music or Video uploading
  • Not SEO friendly as WordPress
  • Since it’s FREE, everything is regulated by Google
  • It’s generally not an option for a corporate business enterprise or individual
  • Etc.

Apart from the things listed above, nothing much. But, why will you care about them when none of them stop you from making money online?

Those few bloggers I mentioned above didn’t care until they make huge money from it. So, how can I create my own free blog using blogspot right? Continue reading!

Beginners’ Guide on How to Start a Free Blog on Blogspot

The first thing you should ever think of, is your PASSION. You can’t blog without a passion; don’t focus on the purpose (to make money online) but focus on what you really like and can do often without getting tired. If you love music, go into music blogging. If you love fashion, go into fashion and clothing blogging, if you are a medical or law student, you can start a money making blog on your field.

NOTE: You must have an email addresss registered with google like ‘’. If you don’t have, go to to create one.

Now let start:

  1. Go to to get started and you will see a page as shown below:


2. Click on ‘Sign In’ or ‘Create Your Blog’ and you will be asked to enter your gmail and correct password. After entering your gmail and password, click on ‘Sign In’.

3. By now, you will be directed to a page where you will create your free blog. See the image below as guide:


NOTE: Be wise when choosing your site name and domain name. Don’t worry about making mistake…. Everything can still be changed!

4. Choose any template by simply clicking on any one you like. Don’t worry about choosing a fancy one as we will still change it:


5. After choosing your template, the next thing is to click on ‘CREATE BLOG’:


Now you are done! You are successfully click a blog but, that’s not all. You need to set it up.

Remember your Site URL you entered before…. It will look like ‘’ which is called a ‘Sub-domain’ blog.

Did you notice?

Some blogs or websites you have been hearing or seeing are like,, and so on. But, did you know the reason why your new blog is not like that? It’s because you haven’t purchase a ‘Custom Domain name’.

What is Custom domain? A custom domain or domain name is what people will recognized your new blog with. And, you have to buy and register it in order to avoid anybody else buying the same name.

There are different types of domain name such as:

  • Top level domain (TLD) e.g .com, .net, .org etc
  • Country code top level domain (CcTLD) e.g, .ng, .berlin, etc
  • And so on.

But I will advise you to choose Top Level Domain (TLD) like ‘’.com’’…. That is, your blog will be ‘’’’ instead of ‘’’’.

Let me ask you: if you are a visitor and you see and, which one will you go for and which one can you easily memorize? It’s because it’s straight forward and look professional.

How much is Top Level Domain? The price varies but with just $12 (Approximately N4000), you can buy a TLD for a whooping year!

Where to buy Top Level Domain? To buy any top level domain, you will have to go for a domain hosting company but I strongly recommend because of their cheap price and reliable service. Or better still search on for ‘Best Domain Hosting Company’.

After buying your domain, map it with your blog. You can hire a professional like me to do it for you because the domain mapping is somehow technical for newbies like you.

What are you thinking?

Are you thinking that this is still expensive for you? Don’t worry about that, you can buy whenever you have money and that doesn’t stop you from blogging.

What Next?

Start setting up your blog immediately!

Step 6: Get a template by downloading from google. Search for ‘Free Responsive TEMPLATE for Blogspot’ and download anyone you like. After that, click on ‘Template on your dashboad and upload the template you have downloaded.

Step 7: Click on Layout to change how your blog will look like and click on ‘Save’.

The picture below is how your dashboard will look like:


Add ‘Pages’ to your new blogspot blog such as ‘About Us’, ‘Contact Us’, ‘Advertise’, ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘Disclaimer’ etc.

To start publishing your article or content, Click on ‘’New Post’’ and start writing. After writing, publish!

That’s all… you are welcome to blogging’s vibe.

How to Make Money Blogging

Although, this is too early for you because the first thing you should focus on, is your ‘passion’. Be hardworking and work effortlessly on writing great contents. So, let me just give you some hints on how you can make money online after creating your free blogspot blog.

  • Google AdSense: The dream of 90% of bloggers is to have approved Google AdSense and you also should have such dream.

To know more about Adsense and how to apply, click on the image below:

Other ways are:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Post
  • Selling Ads Spaces
  • Etc…..

I won’t go deeper than this. Focus on becoming a professional in blogging and have huge traffic first. I will be writing deeply on how you can making money blogging in one of my future articles. So, stay close and subscribe for latest updates from this blog.

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I hope by now, you should have known How to Start a Free Blog on Blogspot & Make Money Online. Did you have any question? Please use the comment box below or contact us for any personalized offer.

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