How do I start a music blog on or WordPress?

This was once one of those questions I was so eager to get answered when I personally think of blogging but it took me lot of experiment and research to actually get the right answers.

But fret not, as I will make every simply but super great for you!

If you’re thinking of launching a new music blog on either or Google “blogspot” or the famous CMS platform or, you are facing some difficulties regarding your music blog, this article will try to help you out and become your own boss in music blogging.

There are many search queries on search engines which includes “How to start a music blog for free’, ‘How to add music download link on’, ‘How to embed audio player to my wordpress music blog’, ‘How (or where) to upload my song for free’ and so on….

If you’re one of those intelligent people researching on any of the keywords above or you having more question in mind other than that, worry not as this blog post is ready to take your hands and lead you to the promised land in music blogging.

I’m sure you know what is music blogging, right? Cool!

So without wasting anytime, let start the tutorial right away;

How to Start a Music Blog on WordPress or

Before we start, you’ll need to choose your preferred option between WordPress or for your music blogging career. But, I’ll always recommend you start with an easy and professional platform, which is WordPress.

I understand that starting a new blog isn’t always easy especially when you lack both ideas and money to finance your blogging career and that’s why I will tell you to use or Google’s blogspot if you don’t have much funds to buy WordPress hosting and domain packages.

Because of the two scenario above, I will have to split this tutorial into two so as to set up your music blog the right ways.

Let start with WordPress!

How to Start a Music Blog on WordPress

Let me tell you something about WordPress, it’s the most widely used Content Management System (CMS) in the world.

About 29% websites on the internet is powered by WordPress.

Yes, it really deserve such recognition because of its flexibility, great users’ experience and interphase, professional for any time of website you’re thinking of etc….

But unfortunately, it’s expensive (to newbies) compared to and I believe it deserve to be expensive if you’re thinking of launching a great project on WordPress.

Out of all CMS platforms in the world, WordPress is very suitable for music blogging because of its amazing features which supports file uploading, embedding, downloading and tracking.

So, how do you start a music blog on WordPress? The steps below will guide you to the right path;

  1. Create Your Blog

Creating a new WordPress blog is very easy. All you need is to buy your hosting and domain from a reliable web hosting company, install WordPress and start blogging.

Easy? Not really as summarized above, but hopefully we got a well-written blog post about how you can professionally create or start a WordPress Blog without any difficulty.

You wanna check it out? Click here to read…… The steps explained in the article hyperlinked here can also be used for if you can’t afford

You may be asking that what’s the differences between and, you can click here to check out the differences.

So, after creating your music blog on WordPress, the next thing is to start blogging right away!

  1. Install Required Plugins

You will need few plugins to make your WordPress music blog look great such as monster insight, mailchimp, insert header and footer etc.

You can check here for the best free WordPress Plugins you may need to spice up your new music blog on WP.

That’s not all, but before we go to the next steps, let me briefly talk above then, we will finalize everything at a go!

How to Start a Music Blog On

Like WordPress, which is popularly known as “Blogspot” is a popular free publishing platform owned by Google.

After WordPress, is the next to the throne among the platform used for blog in the world. Although, it has its limitation but it is a good choice for guys who are starting with little or no capital.

Naturally it’s seems to be impossible to start a music blog on because it doesn’t support uploading of files except pictures.

Although you can embed your YouTube videos in Blogspot but thanks to technology and HTML. Music or file links can be hyperlinked using HTML in Blogspot.

So how can you start music blogging on

The first two steps will teach you the right ways.

1.     Create Your Blog:

If you choose for your music blogging career, you’ll need to be tactic in everything and know little HTML as only it’s only the supported language on the platform.

To create your music blog on, you don’t need anything than your domain name and premium template. These two requirement aren’t necessary if you don’t have money to buy them.

In case of anything crucial, here is a guide on how to create a free blog on blogspot. This blog post will help you to set up your own blogger properly.

2.   Install an Entertainment Template

Although I explained how to do this in our previous article about starting a free blog on blogspot.

But since you’re going to deal with music blogging, you need to install a related template to spice up your blog.

You can download free blogspot templates from or search for any other websites on google. After downloading the template, set it up with the documentation given.

Now, you’re done with the first two crucial steps in starting your music blog on The next thing is to continue alongside with WordPress tips below:

Tips to Start a Music Blog on WordPress or

Before proceeding with the next tutorial, below is something you need to know:

You need the following to come up with a rich music blog content:

  • Your song art cover or a good picture that describes the artist
  • Content: This is just few words above the music which may include the producer’s name, the artist’s name, the title of the song and few things you can say about it.

You don’t need to write epistles in music blogging but you need your contents to rank on search engines. Read how to write SEO friendly contents that’ll rank on search engines.

  • Your Music File or Link to embed in your post editor for users to listen to, or download.

Now, if you got the crucial things mentioned above, let do the practical work.

3.   Post Your Music Content

You have successfully create your music blog on WordPress, the next thing is to post contents to serve its real purpose.

How to Post Your Music Content on WordPress

Make sure you’ve installed Classic Editor plugin for easy content publishing. Classic editor is a free WordPress plugin that lets you to publish your contents in either Visual or Text mode instead of using the new block mode (Guterberg).

You don’t need to crack your brain too much, just fellow the steps below:

  • Your Title: Just put your song title like “Kizz Daniel – Fvck You” or “Kizz Daniel – Fvck You (Download Mp3)”. I believe you’ve seen some titles about music before.
  • Post Editor: You are going to put your song description here
  • Insert Music Link: Although, it’s in the Post Editor but you need to careful when putting your song URL.
  • Featured Image: Add your song art cover here
  • Add Category: Just put ‘Music’ or Download Mp3 or any category you like.
  • Use Tags: If you’re going to publish a music content like ‘Kizz Daniel – Fvck You’, your tags will be like Kizz Daniel, Fvck You, Kizz Daniel Songs, Download Fvck You
  • Preview: After those processes, your music content is ready for publishing but don’t publish yet. Save the post as DRAFT and click on PREVIEW to check if the contents look good.
  • Publish: If the content look good and formatted well, click on PUBLISH.

To post your music content on, you need to follow the same steps mentioned above.

You have learned how to create your music blog on WordPress or but below are frequently asked question you need to know;

Frequently Asked Questions About Music Blogging on WordPress or

     I.            How can I add music download link on

To add download link to your music blog on, kindly change your post editor from visual to HTML and use the code below:

For instance <a href=” music.mp3”>Download MP3 Now</a*>

You can center the download link by putting <center>YOUR HTML CODE ABOVE</*center> like:

NOTE: Remember there is no SPACE in Between the code above and remove the asterisk (*).

  1. How can I add download link to my WordPress music blog?

To add music download link to your WordPress blog, simply copy and use the code above. For instance:

III.            How can I add Download button or styling to my blog?

You can style your download link to become a button just like how you see on big music websites. It can be in two ways which includes using of CSS or Image.

Here is how to do it using Image

You first need to upload the image to your blog and copy the link…. I guess you know how to copy image link. If you’ve copied the image link, use the code below:

Note: Remove all (*)

Here is how to do it using CSS…..

You don’t need to do anything to specify a tag for your download link.

I’m going to use .download-link for the download CSS tag. So you can copy and put the code in your CSS stylesheet.

Below is the CSS code:

.download-link {
height: 15px;
width: 25px;
color: green; font-size; }

In WordPress, save it under style.css and in, put it below <style> or before </style> in your HTML template.

IV.            Where can I upload my song before I put it on or my WordPress blog?

I know you can’t upload music file to but you can upload your hosted WordPress blog. But because you’re using a hosting package with low disk or bandwidth, you need to upload to an external file hosting.

Below are other alternates to upload your music file before adding your blog:

  • Google Drive (search on google)
  • Dropbox.ccom
  • is mostly used but if you’re not satisfied with any of the file hosting above, you can search for more on google.

  V.            How to embed audio player in my WordPress blog?

You’ve seen some music blog with a function to play the song right in the same blog before downloading? It’s pretty easy to do that on WordPress, all you have to do is to switch to HTML mode and use the code below:

Note: Remove (*) before you save.

VI.            How to drive traffic to my music blog?

There are basic two ways to drive traffic to your music blog. They are (1) SEO and (2) Social media marketing

Recommended Articles:

VII.            Where can I buy affordable web hosting for my blog?

I don’t have experience will all web hosting companies available in the world or your country but according to our experience so far, Namecheap is a great option for cheap and affordable packages.

We’re using Namecheap for this website and other blogs we are managing. Also most of our clients make use of Namecheap.

You can click to buy amazing offers from Namecheap at a discounted price.

I’ll recommend you read this Namecheap Review before you make any choice.

VIII.            How can I make money with my music blog?

There are tons of ways to make money with music blogging. It includes:

Google Adsense is a very viable way to make money with your blog if you have good and consistent traffic.

Either you’re you just start a music blog on WordPress or, you can still get google adsense approval and make decent bucks.

Read this article about making money blogging with Google Adsense.

VIII. How Can I Migrate from to WordPress?

To migrate your or blogspot blog to WordPress, you need to be tech savvy to some extents. If you have the technical mind, this article will help you how to professionally migrate from blogspot to WordPress easily.

Wrapping up: How to Start Music Blogging on WordPress or

You’ve learned:

  1. How to Start a Music Blog on WordPress and
  2. How to Start a Music Blog on

I hope we have help you with one thing or another. If you follow every steps and you read those recommended blog posts in this article, you’re going to set up a professional music blog.

But if you think you need someone proficient to set your music blog or any type of website for you, we’ll be happy to handle it.

If you give your blog setting or design to us at GbolaByte Web Solutions, we’ll make sure that everything is in their respective places. Also, we will help you get Google Adsense approval with your domain name.

If you’re interested in hiring us, kindly request a proposal now!

Note that this article is real stuffs I have personally passed through as a former music blogger. So, I understand any difficulties you may be facing setting up a music blog on WordPress or

With that in your mind, kindly ask me questions using the COMMENT BOX below and I’ll provide helpful answers to them.

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