Are you a real estate agent looking forward to build a beautiful website either for your portfolio, real estate bidding or auction website, website for selling and buying homes or a website for cash offer?

If Yes, you’re welcomed to GbolaByte, a website design and Digital marketing agency. Here in this blog post, I’m going to show you top WordPress themes for Real Estate Websites and also how to purchase them easily.

But have you ever asked yourself;

Why Using WordPress for Real Estate Websites?

Well, the answer is quite simple!

WordPress is known by website designers to be a good CMS platform for creating great and beautiful websites, with little to no stress. Many websites you see today are powered by WordPress – specifically 75 million sites on the internet are built on WordPress and its lovely plugins.

Either you’re thinking of having your own company website, real estate website, educational blog, e-commerce site, news site etc., you can utilize WordPress for creating such great websites.

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Apart from the functionalities you will get with WordPress, you also get lots of nice themes to beautify your site.

One of such lovely WordPress themes’ providers is StudioPress (with Genesis Framework) and you can also get lot of these themes on

Here in this post, we are going to talk about Top WordPress Themes for Real Estate Websites, that are available on and

Let start with StudioPress;

About StudioPress?

StudioPress is one of the best theme providers for WordPress with lots of amazing features. It’s owned by WP Engine, a dedicated WordPress hosting company.

StudioPress themes are all built on Genesis Framework.

There are tons of WordPress themes on StudioPress, each catering for any field, be it business, enterprise, real estate, photography, magazine/style, e-commerce, or lifestyle, they’ve got you covered.

In this post, I’ll be going through the top WordPress themes for Real Estate Websites or blog – all themes based on StudioPress and Genesis Framework.


Why You Should Choose StudioPress Themes for Your Real Estate Website or Blog?

Before getting started, let’s see some reasons why you’ll need to choose StudioPress for that your Real Estate website.

  • Mobile Friendly Themes – When it comes to web design there’s an unwritten rule that prompts developers to create mobile friendly sites, this is due to the increasing number of people who use their phones for surfing the web.

With StudioPress, you don’t have to worry about this since all themes are well optimized for mobile.

  • Lots of options to choose from – With StudioPress, you’ve got lots of options to choose from irrespective of your business interest.

Quick Tips:

There are more than 37 WordPress themes on StudioPress. And “ALL” these themes worth more than $2,000 while the cheapest theme will cost $99.98.

But what if I tell you that you can get all themes for FREE without any illegal process? Yes, you can!

Remember I said earlier that StudioPress is Owned by WP Engine?

Here is the deal;

If you buy any WordPress Hosting package from WP Engine, you’ll be given all themes for absolute FREE!

And this will really save you some bucks. Imagine, buying one of the top 5 best WordPress hosting at an affordable price and you get more than 35 WordPress themes to build your real estate website or blog.

I will advice you buy the WP Engine and get the rest of the themes for FREE.

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You’ll be given discount if you buy the WordPress hosting using this link here

If you buy the WP Engine using this link, kindly contact us and we’ll set up the website for you at 30% discount on the real estate website design fee.

But if you’re not going to buy the WP Engine top-reliable WordPress Hosting, you may need to check out the themes below;

Top WordPress Themes for Real Estate Websites or Blogs on StudioPress

Let’s see the top Studio Press themes for Real Estate Websites;

1.      AgentPress Pro Theme

The name of the theme gives you a tip on what you’d most likely have when you utilize this theme on your real estate website.

First off, this theme uses colors that pop, revealing every detail to your potential customers who are looking forward to purchase their dream home.

You know that when it comes to Real Estate business, first impression means a lot, what do your customers see when they visit your site for the first time, what image do you try to paint? These questions are given the right answers with the AgentPress Pro Theme.

As with all StudioPress themes, you can customize certain parts of the themes to suit your needs.

You can hire us to help you customize this theme to suite your taste…

If you’re looking forward to build your dream real estate website on WordPress, AgentPress Pro by StudioPress is our most recommended.

DEMO & Buy Theme

2.      Agent Focused Theme

Now this WordPress theme was made exclusively to support realtors, and comes with lots of great features to help grow your business.

Agent Focused Theme gives you the best in terms of eye-catching design templates – which you can as well customize. There amazing color options and great spaces to sample those lovely apartments and lands.

With just a click you could set up a nice WordPress powered real estate website with Gutenberg customizable options. If you’d be adding multiple languages to your site you wouldn’t need to pay for anything as the Agent Focused theme also comes with translation options.

DEMO & Buy Theme

These two themes aligned above are the best WordPress Themes specifically made for real estate websites, with features like:

  • advanced property search
  • property listing
  • buying homes (with the help of Woocommerce features)
  • listing an agent
  • etc.

3.      Enterprise Pro Theme

Stepping into a new business line may be very competitive and stressful, for those in business already – the stress of being significant in the industry is a major factor and a drawback for some, and you’re certainly facing much competition from other realtors and would want a way out.

To able to stand out from the competition, you’d need a theme to help you do that digitally – and yes that’s what the Enterprise Pro gives you. This theme gives your brand a bold look – soaring high above other competitors. What’s more, you get lots of option to customize and tinker with.

Although, this theme doesn’t have default features as the first two themes aligned above, but we can help you customize it to your taste and include all needed functionalities.

DEMO & Buy Theme

4.      Business Pro Theme

The Business Pro Theme was designed to cater for the need of any successful business with nice features to aid grow your audience. A lot of work was put into this theme – making it possible for businesses of all types to experience much growth.

This amazing theme from StudioPress is every business dream, and as a real estate agency which requires lots of creativity, this theme is the right choice.

For pricing, it’s a little above the usual and starts at $129.95 for the pro version. This disparity in price mainly because of the value you get and that’s why you pay more.

DEMO & Buy Theme

5.      Parallax Pro Theme

So, the Parallax Pro Theme is for the not-so-graphics-inclined people, those who care less about images but rather, they do better in selling their brands orally.

If you fall into this category, look no further as Parallax got your back – giving your site a story-like look which comprises of more words, and a little graphic.

DEMO & Buy Theme

Besides all these, you’ve got the chance to style your blog to suit your taste, unlimited updates, and a nice parallax scrolling feature. Using the Parallax Pro Theme will certainly bring out the best out of your real estate business with all it’s nice features.

Rounding Off – Top 5 WordPress Themes for Real Estate Websites or Blogs

Among the many WordPress theme providers, StudioPress is one of the best out of the bunch and the most used by both business and website owners.

If you ever want to take your real estate business to the digital realm – which you should, don’t hesitate in picking any of the above themes, especially between Agency Pro and Agent Focused Pro.

Don’t forget that you will get all StudioPress themes (worth $2,000+) for FREE if you buy WP Engine hosting for your WordPress website design. We’ll also offer you 30% discount if you buy using this link.

To get more themes, visit the StudioPress website.

For your website design or Development, SEO, Complete digital marketing and other creative services, kindly Contact us here or Request A Quote.

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